The Rock Clock App Review

This is one of those things you did not know you needed until it existed:

Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson had created an alarm clock app with inspirational messages.

…It’s called the Rock Clock.

When I’m not laughing hysterically, I actually really enjoy it. Take a look.

project rock

I like Dwayne Johnson. I think he’s cute (as cute as a GIANT dude can be anyway) and he’s funny. On top of that, he comes across as just a good dude, you know?

Project Rock is apparently his new thing: He’s getting into motivating others to go after what they want, which I think is really cool. After launching a set of bags (?), he launched the Rock Clock app.

The general idea of the Rock Clock app that you set up a goal/project first. That’s what the app is build around: THAT’S why you wake up in the morning and that’s why your alarm goes off. That’s why you get out of bed in the morning, basically.

It’s an alarm clock that’s definitely not perfect (you have to keep it in sleep mode in the app, otherwise it won’t go off) but very entertaining.

For one, the songs you can set as your alarm are pretty cool!

100% less annoying than the iPhone ones, and very rock & roll, which I love for my alarm. (I had ACDC’s Rock or Bust as my alarm while I was single, but it’s not my boyfriend’s preferred way of waking).

My favorite for now is BAMF.

Second, I LOVE the motivational messages. Probably not for entirely the right reasons because they make me laugh. Loudly.

So far, they’ve been hysterical motivational speaker platitudes. No problem for me, I can go for a little corny you-can-do-it every once in a while.

Besides, today’s one was “Grind hard, shine hard” and I had actually never heard that one before.

I think the entire app is hilariously hammy and I am totally on board. Plus, the alarm clock songs are good and I like that you can fill in a project/goal that you can focus on for that time.

The Rock Clock app is free, and is available both for Android and iPhone.

If you like the Rock, rock & roll music and nonsensical motivational messages brought to you by the beautiful Dwayne Johnson – give it a download!

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  1. Sounds cute and funny, and “grind hard, shine hard” is something I’ll definitely be trying to slip into my vernacular on the the day to day! Now I just need Beyonce to make an app like this, where she wakes me up with “Diva” and tells me I’m a boss ass bitch every morning. That’s an app I’d probably pay for.