Review: You Deserve A Drink by Mamrie Hart

youdeserveadrink book YDAD Mamrie HartWhen on Tuesday morning, my iBooks app alerted me one of my pre-orders was ready for readin’, I knew immediately that The Day had come. The You Deserve A Drink Book was finally available.

I read that day, and nothing else.

Almost hit a street light and a stroller walking home.

Book Review: You Deserve A Drink, by my favorite boozy floozy. Mamrie Hart.

YDAD book Mamrie Hart

Also, le gorgeous. 

DISCOVERY: I stalk both Mamrie’s YDAD and Mametown YouTube Channel religiously, so I’ve known that this book was coming for a long time.

I may or not have been basically trembling like her little dog, shivering with anticipation for months.

I preordered it as soon as I could in the iBooks store, but you can get both the actual printed book and ebook here* on! The regular book is 14,99, the e-book is 16,32, which is less than I paid for because I bought the deluxe version that comes with a couple of extra YouTube clips!

You can also get it for 13,19 at the Book Depository*, which is another favorite online bookstore of mine.

SUBJECT: Stories from Mamrie’s crazy drunk and non-drunk adventures. Not gonna lie, Mamrie was up to even more trouble than I suspected from her YouTube channels. It is amazing.

KOOKINESS: 0 for kookiness, this ain’t self help. It gets 10 for Crazy. Mamrie has some weird stories.

SELF HELP HIPSTER’S STAMP OF APPROVAL: Yes. This is not a self help book, but what I love about is Mamrie’s incredible sense of humor and her general FUCK-YEAH-attitude to doing weird and fun shit. Plus, in between the fuckery and puns? Homegirl makes a whole lot of sense (see quotes) and is a fantastic writer.


  • “Friends should be like a good bra, lifting you up. Bad friends are like sports bras. They can do wonders when you go out dancing or during high-energy times, but on a day-to-day basis they really just smash down some of your greatest assets.”
  • “I’m just saying that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a little only makes your comfort zone that much bigger. I am sure I just ripped off Oprah or some self help guru with that last sentence, but fuck it, it’s true.”
  • “At the end of the day, sometimes the person you got to protect yourself from the most is yourself.”
  • “Standing there, robe open, ta-tas to the moon, you could hear a cricket blink.”
  • “People who are constantly mean on the Internet are basically rude drunk assholes, word-vomiting out rude comments. You can’t take them seriously.”
  • “And herpes is the one thing that lasts forever. Not true love, not diamonds – herpes. When the apocalypse comes, it won’t just be the cockroaches that survive. It will also be herpes and that random bottle of creme de menthe you bought years ago.”
  • “Be as immature as you want. Right now you are the youngest you are ever going to be. Hurry! Someone get me a motivational poster deal, ASAP.”
  • “Thankfully, all good things must come to an end, and the same goes for all horrific things.”
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever owned a compact powder that did not explode in my purse.”
  • “[About cringe worthy small talks with hairdressers] I am waiting for the day when a hair salon opens up called “Shut Up Cuts: You’ll be cute, and we’ll be mute.”
  • “I caffeinated so hard that, I swear to God, I could feel my eyebrows growing.”


  • You love Mamrie Hart
  • You love You Deserve A Drink
  • You love hilarious books
  • You love hilarious stories WITH cocktail recipes
  • You want to have a good laugh
  • You want to be inspired to live a weird and crazy life

Okay, I have fangirled so hard to and about Mamrie Hart this week that it’s time for me to act normal again. Until her next book, at least. Or until the No Filter show comes to Amsterdam.


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  1. He Lianne, als ik jou wil supporten via die affiliate links, moet ik dan per se dit boek bestellen of kan ik gewoon doorklikken naar iets wat al in mijn winkelwagentje zat op bol?
    Laatst, met je verjaardag, stond ik op het punt om wat naar je PayPalding te storten (omwille van die e-books) maar op het laatst vond ik het toch wat….creepy of zo om dat te doen. Dus.

    1. Omg wat lief, Hannelore! Ja, je kunt gewoon iets anders bestellen wat je wil met doorklikken! Lief dat je me zo wil supporten <3 I appreciate it!