Review: Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein


Review of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now. Read on for the verdict.

Discovery: A couple of weeks ago I got an email from….Hay House UK.

Hay House UK. For those of you who don’t know, Hay House is THE ultimate publisher of self help and spirituality books, founded by THE Louise Hay, the woman wrote one of THE biggest self help books ever called  ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’

Man, that’s a lot of THEs. Guess I’m really excited.

Anyway, they emailed me wanting to know if I would write about one of their events called Ignite: You Can Do It, a weekend in London where a whole bunch of spirituality and self help experts are going to talk and inspire the attendees.

They asked me if I would write about it in exchange for a give away. I asked them I could do it for a book review and a give away, and that’s how I received Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now in the mail only 4 days after it was printed in the UK. And that’s why I could write a review: Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein.

I like Gabrielle Bernstein’s and her books (and nearly fainted when she mentioned me a tweet that one time a million years ago.) I’ve written a review about both Spirit Junkie and Add More ~Ing To Your Life. I’m not always in the mood for them, which is why I still need to start on May Cause Miracles, but I enjoy rereading the first two every once in a while.

You can buy the book here* (on for 17,99, for 14,12 on Book Depository* AND for 9.92$ on*!

Subject: Gabby collected 108 simple techniques that help you feel better, become more calm, (re)connect with your soul (or Spirit, or God, whatever you’re into), make better choices and be better in work, your finances and your relationships.

Kookiness (1-10): 5. Not because I personally think it’s all that kooky, but other people might feel that way about the topics. The book features meditation exercises, Kundalini yoga exercises, talks about energy and our connection to your Self, the Universe, Spirit as Gabby calls it.

I personally don’t think that’s all that woo-woo, because a) Gabrielle’s writing is so chill and b) I have Facebook friends who keep posting about aliens and different dimensions. Everything looks normal in comparison to that.

The only thing I remain skeptical about is EFT or ‘tapping’ and I personally am not very into God-and-prayer-talk. However, the term God only pops up a few times throughout the book and Gabby doesn’t claim the tapping cures everything, so I’m good.

Favorite Quotes: Um, yes, hi, the book is filled with ALL the nail-hitting truths and beautiful quotes. I’ll show you a few.

At the end of every single one of the 108 little chapters there’s an uplifting or inspirational quote as well, designed specifically for the e-book: It lets you share it directly on Facebook and Twitter. I thought you could also share quotes without all that fancy advanced technology behind it, but I guess it’s a pretty cool e-book option.

  • “Simple right actions towards self support can greatly change your attitude and experience.”
  • “Making the simple shift from a powerless person to a powerless victim to a strong person who can care for yourself can change your life forever.”
  • “Each small attack, from a negative thought about ourselves to a cold comment towards another person, adds up.”
  • “Our ego is a shrewd eraser of the truth behind why we make positive change. That’s why it’s so easy to fall back in old behaviors.”
  • “Make decisions from a place of intuition and power.”
  • “Get honest about your practice and know that it’s never to late to recommit.”
  • “Simply giving off a certain energy will attract more of that energy into your life.”
  • “Stop waiting for something major to happen – Just show up for change.”

Self Help Hipster’s Stamp of Approval: Oh yes, absolutely. It was a while since I read a really good self help book that I actually felt have an effect of me. I experienced a major positive energy boost during reading this book, I have high lighted so many things in the book, and I made a ton of notes. I think you too can find a lot of positive material in this book that you can learn from, and there is always something that applies to how you might feel at that moment.

You should read this book if…

  • You enjoyed Spirit Junkie and Add More ~Ing To Your Life by the same author.
  • You like Gabrielle Bernstein’s style in general
  • You want to read about a variety about topics that have to do with personal growth and spirituality
  • You want to know more about different meditation techniques and Kundalini yoga postures
  • You like short essays that are likely to educate you, inspire you or uplift you

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  1. I WANT ONE. Zo. Misschien had ik er nog een ‘the’ tussen moeten plaatsen. Ben nu – door jouw blogs – eindelijk bezig in ‘The Secret’. Was al tijden benieuwd naar LOA en nu lees ik er eindelijk over. Ben ook zéér benieuwd naar dit boek!

  2. I want one 2! Hoe tof is het trouwens dat jij benaderd werd door Hay House UK! Awesome!! Je bent echt lekker bezig babe! Zelf kan ik wel wat instant ontspanningstips gebruiken 😛 Heb recent spirit junkie nog gelezen met dat doel. Misschien ga ik dat ~ing boek wel in de tussentijd lezen, want april duurt echt nog wel lang!

  3. I want one! Ik zie hem al maanden voorbij komen. Ik wilde hem direct bestellen zodra hij uit was, maar helaas dat kan pas in april. Alleen al het idee dat ik er nog zo lang op moet wachten.. The horror.. Brr..

  4. Ah. Ja. ‘Vroeger’ las ik je trouw, maar op 1 of andere manier verdween dat. En nu vond ik je zomaar terug. Voor deze give away. Sowieso. Yes yes yes; I want THE one :-). (Of de ander, 1 van de 5 ;-)). Fijn dat k je weer gevonden heb, :-). Ook zonder give away, ga ik je weer volgen. Keep IT up ;-).

  5. I WANT ONE! Would love to read the book, as I could definitely use a little self-help right now. Congratulations on the give-away! Been reading your blog for ages and it’s awesome how big it has become since :). You truly deserve it!

  6. I WANT ONE! And yeah, you are awesome! You are doing a pretty (read: amazing) good job with your blog, cause you made a sixteen year old interesting in self-help and I believe that is really hard to achieve! So thanks for inspiring me!

  7. I want one! Though, I really had a lady bug flying around in my room last night.. trying to connect with the lamp or something. It was weird. Now it’s gone. So sad!

  8. I would bloody love one 😉 be meaning to read a book like this for ages & this one
    Sounds pretty awesome!
    Love reading your posts
    Emma x

  9. I would love love LOVE to win a copy of the book! I’m sure it would help to turn a pretty-much grey and rainy February into an absolute sunshine fest of smiles and awesomeness =) =)
    Thank You (and as always, thank you for this blog in general! Reading it is my favourite part of the working day ;P)

  10. I want one as well!!
    Ik ben helemaal nog niet zo thuis in de selfhelp-afdeling wb boeken maar voor alles een eerste keer, denk ik.

  11. I definitely want one! I know you told something about Gabrielles books back in december (I attended your workshop). So this is a perfect opportunity to finally meet her work!

  12. Pick me pick me pick me!! Gabby’s boeken staan al een eeuwigheid op mijn verlanglijstje maar de kerstman bracht mij iets anders #poutyface 🙂
    En een mail van Hay House, ik zou een papieren zak nodig hebben om mijn ademhaling weer op peil te krijgen, wow!!

  13. mememememeeeeee! I read this post and I was like: “Did I miss out on Gabby’s new book?” and then I realized it is not even out yet. I’m so curious!

  14. i’d love one! also i genuinely have pet lady bugs (well. there always seems to be one in my room or in the kitchen anyway, even now during ‘winter’?) and this one time i accidentally squashed one and seriously got a little bit upset. because it was always in my room and it felt like my little mate. and i’d killed my little mate, which just wasn’t cool. if that helps? and i think you’re rad. which i think you know. yoooo. (bro’ing it up to sound cooler.)

  15. Aw, and here I am sacrificing 21 sugar cubes…

    Anyway, yes! I’d love one! Currently reading Spirit Junkie, and loving it. So very curious about Miracles Now 🙂

  16. I want one! 🙂
    Ik nam dat van MySpace enzo bijna serieus, lol. Erg coole giveaway en supergaaf van die mail! You rock! 😀

  17. I want one! I’ve just found your site in the last few days and am LOVING it! Thanks so much, I am really looking forward to setting aside some time at the weekend to read back through your posts 🙂

  18. Haha, ik schrok even, ik dacht: MyLittlePony?! Geloof niet dat ik daar een account heb. 😉
    Anyway; ik zou graag meedoen. De boeken van Gabrielle staan erg hoog op m’n verlanglijstje. Ik volg haar al een tijd (volgens mij ken ik haar via jou, aangezien jij mijn go-to selfhelp person bent) en heb altijd veel aan haar filmpjes. Vooral haar mantra “the universe has my back” gebruik ik vaak.

    P.S. Je foto’s met Lin zagen er zo fijn uit dat ik spontaan 5 dagen Parijs geboekt heb. Thanks. 😉

  19. I’m heading along to Ignite UK and can’t wait to meet some amazing Hay House authors. Would be deeply honoured to received a copy of Gabby B’s new book – and possibly have it signed at the event. It would literally make my day!

  20. I want one !! Love your blog and want to read more aspecially after i read You should read this book if…
    And three of the 5 thimgs i said yes to
    You want to read about a variety about topics that have to do with personal growth and spirituality
    You want to know more about different meditation techniques and Kundalini yoga postures
    You like short essays that are likely to educate you, inspire you or uplift you

  21. You are awesome
    I want one
    Also: ik ben Spirit Junkie aan het herlezen, want er staan zoveel goede tips in hoe om te gaan met de ego. En Gabrielle hoort plaats in het rijtje awesome selfhelp writers als Galadarling, Danielle La Porte and some girl name Lianne Kay

  22. In England there is a saying “I want doesn’t get.” Hoping this will turn it around…! Regardless, love your work. Xx