Request: My Top 5 Of Self Development Books!

Milou, a real sweetheart, asked me on Twitter what 3-5 books I would recommend most of all, when it comes to Self Help & the Law of Attraction.

Since it’s been quite a while since I talked self help books — it’s been drifting a little bit from my priority list. This is a nice way to get back into it again, rehashing some of the previous entries that are my absolute favorite.

What I present here is purely Self Development and Law of Attraction related, because Kris Carr’s CrazySexyDiet is in my All Time Top 5 too. The books in this top 5 are very readable for ‘beginners’, people who are just getting interested in this stuff and the Just Plain Fascinated. Enjoy!

Steve Pavlina – Self Development For Smart People: Steve Pavlina. You either hate him or love him. Regardless of what your opinion might be of his personal life or some of his more ‘out there’ perspective, he has incredible content. His book is my ultimate favorite self help book.

I honestly think he has written the best self help book I have ever laid hands on, this book has actually helped me grow. Everything I said in this book review when I first started this blog still stands. In fact, I have only grown more appreciative of this book since then. I reread it every once in a while and occasionally just open a chapter for the heck of it.

Totally different than your average self help book, using basic and actually quite rational principles to apply to your life for the better. This book is as holistic as you can get. I am a big fan. You can buy it here at for 11.99 and it’s an enlightening read.

Michael Losier – Law of Attraction (the secret behind The Secret): The most poignant definition of how you can apply the Law of Attraction “I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.“ comes from this book, as come most of the very basic principles you can use in your own life that I sometimes talk about.

It’s a 136-page practical guide of pretty much…Manifesting For Dummies. Great for beginners. If you want to start playing around and experimenting with the Law of Attraction, this is a book worth investing in. It’s only 9,99 right now and you can find it here.

Jack Canfield – The Success Principles: It’s quite an American book, I’ll give you that. Very motivational chest pounding, you can do it, and success can be made. But it has great anecdotes, quotes, exercises and is filled with information from all the leading motivational gurus and other succesful people. It’s a book that can really motivate you and help you going in the right direction. You can find the book here.

(Author’s Note: HOW mystifying is it that the Dutch version only has 64 Success Principles while the American has 66?! I gave my friend Eva the English version for her birthday last year, I’m going to ask her to send me the Index and compare them with my Dutch version.)

Brian Tracy – Eat That Frog: Another short and sweet one, but genius in terms of personal effectivity, time management, planning and priorities. I’ve read this to bits. Some of the techniques I talk about in my To Do List post come from this book and Brian Tracy gives an honest plan to becoming good at what you do too, like reading field literature and prioritizing the most important things.

If you need help getting your shit together when it comes to studying, work and deadlines, this is the book for you. It’s at

Gabrielle Bernstein – Spirit Junkie: I couldn’t resist adding some Gabby Bernstein to the mix because she’s currently the most influential person in my arsenal. I have a MAJOR GIRL CRUSH on her and her work and I cannot wait for her next book ‘May Cause Miracles’!

Spirit Junkie is her very personal story of how she integrated spirituality into her life and how that helped her to become more herself, a happier, healthier person and find her true purpose. It’s beautiful, filled with wonderful quotes and has helpful exercises. You can find the book here on !

Psssssht….I know there isn’t that much Law of Attraction Stuff in here yet, but I’m working on it. I don’t include The Secret because it’s too simplistic and I am still working my way through the Hicks books. What I read most in terms of Law of Attraction stuff is Gala Darling’s Love&Sequins, Steve Pavlina’s archive and my own articles. That last bit may sound weird, but for me it really helps to revisit my previous posts; I mean, I wrote them because that is how the Law of Attraction makes the most sense to me.

If you like I can post a More Advanced Top 5 next week? Let me know in the comments and enjoy the absolute fuck out of your weekend for me, okay? See people you like, avoid people you don’t, eat healthy with the occasional cupcake and if you can, drink champagne. Lin and I are definitely doing that tonight. Kisses!


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  1. Dankjewel voor je post en shout out <3. Interessant om eens naar deze boeken te kijken. Ik heb er zelf al een aantal gelezen (geen van deze post toevallig): The Secret, The Science to getting rich, Think and grow rich, Ask and it is given (niet helemaal), The Answer van John Assaraf, Seven Habbits of highly effective people van Stephen R. Covey. En misschien nog wel meer.. Weet ik niet meer 😉

    Ik ga zeker eens die van Steve Pavlina lezen! Ik heb mezelf beloofd weer meer over LOA en self help te lezen dus dit is een goede kick start. Thanks! X

  2. I am really into self help at the moment. I find that it comforts me and helps me deal with stuff going on in my life. Also I really would like to be more confident and don’t find what other people think so important. I am somewhere on this somtimes very difficult road still. Do you have tips for me about what books to read? I am ordering The Steve Pavlina and Michael J. Losier books from this post and came across another Michael J. Loosier: The Law of Connection.

  3. Great recommendations! I have a girl crush on Gabby B too! Don’t you just love her energy and light!
    I would also recommend Wishes Fulfilled by Dr Wayne Dyer. It’s my absolute favourite and it’s life changing.