Random List Of Favorites

(Inspired by Iris)

I was uninspired so I decided to write down my list of favourite things from the past couple of weeks.

  • READING The books by Charlie M Holmberg! I’ve read Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet, and I am obsessed with Myths & Mortals, Smokes & Summons. The third instalment is coming out in September and I CANNOT WAIT. Seriously if you’re looking for some cool Fantasy Young Adult, you should check out her books.
  • I’m also reading a TERRIBLE book called The Loch but because I really want to find out now what the deal with the Loch Ness Monster is I keep reading.
  • I get incredibly inspired by all these amazing Young Adult writers by the way. I follow a lot of them on Instagram and it is really amazing to see these women succeed with their novels.
  • YOGA I still do one yoga class a week, and most of the time I go to Bikram with my friend S. on Saturday or Sunday morning so I spend a good chunk of my weekend recharging with yoga and good company.
  • Bikram yoga classes taught by Jeane, my favourite yoga teacher. She sees EVERYTHING I DO and my postures always improve tremendously with her feedback.
  • I’m also really lucky that Balansz has opened another yogastudio 5 minutes away from my house, so it is literally zero trouble for me to swing by there for a Yin or Gentle Flow class if I have the time.
  • CLOTHES Wearing Vincent’s thermal long sleeve that he uses for skiing and that I use for…well, life I guess. I’m wearing it right now and I’m out in public.
  • I am also super happy I get to wear my summer coat again. Yay warmer weather!
  • FAMILY My family came over for dinner. I love having them over for dinner and spoiling them with my best food (but I always pick something I can make in the afternoon so all I gotta do when they’re actually around is put something in the even.)
  • My brother and sister-in-law gave me the CUTEST and easiest little game called Dobble*! Do you know it? Honestly, it’s so easy to play (instruction takes 30 second), quick and SO FUN!
My GoT Crew
  • POP CULTURE It’s a blessed time to be a pop culture junkie. This week was EPIC because of Avengers: End Game, the Game of Thrones episode and Captain Marvel. I laughed, I cried and I spent the entire Game of Thrones episode (except the last 5 minutes) frozen in pure terror for all my favourites.
  • Plus, friends of ours invited all of us to come watch the new episodes at their place and that has been SO FUN! <3
  • Also, I am watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and even though I’m suffering from a little bit of Drag Race fatigue (or Sylkie fatigue, honestly get her off my screen) I am SO happy watching it most of the time. Some of them make my heart so happy.
  • FITGIRLING I’m pretty out of shape at the moment: I’ve been in and out with a back injury and I’ve been physically ill more times this year than I’ve been through most of my adulthood, so I’m excited to get back into my F45 routines and get fit again. Hopefully it will help my immune system too because this stomach bug I’m carrying around is BULLSHIT.
  • FOOD Not to negate my previous intention of wanting to get back into shape and feel fit and healthy again, but how good are peanut butter M&M’s you guys? Answer: So, so good.
  • Earl Grey Tea and the Bread Pudding Croissant at Haley’s Comet Breakfast Club. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood in The Hague, go to Haley’s. I have a bunch of cute coffee places in my own neighbourhood and yet I cycle 13 minutes to Zeeheldenkwartier for Haley’s.

Thanks for reading. It’s not the most inspired thing this week but I kinda have to find my footing again. I’ve been struggling with some feelings of inadequacy and ‘lagging behind’ (and yes even though I tell myself :bitch behind who?” I still feel this way) and I haven’t really gotten out of that yet.

But gimme time, I’ll get there. Have a lovely Sunday!

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  1. Zo fijn om al jouw favorieten te lezen! En dat gevoel van achter liggen heb ik ook, maar goed die periodes mogen er ook zijn I guess. We zijn zelf altijd het meest kritisch, maar dat weet jij natuurlijk ook wel. Wat heerlijk dat je in ieder geval wel veel ontspant in het weekend door yoga. Ik heb ook eindelijk weer yoga opgepakt (elke zaterdag) en dat helpt <3