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It’s a lot easier to dream about possible futures than to evaluate our present. It’s more comforting to shut out eyes to the areas in life that are lagging behind than to really face the reality of our life; especially if you know you’re not doing your best, you probably rather not own up to that. How many of us really know at what point we’re at right now?When was the last time you sat down and thought about how your life looks right this particular moment…and how you could do better?

Steve Pavlina offers an exercise for self-assessment: using a 1-10 scale, you rate each area of your life, which provides you a great overview if you’re willing to be completely honest about it. I’m totally willing (that’s what she said) and you can watch if you want to (no, that’s what she said)

(I picked a few of these topics and added some of my own!)

Habits & Daily Routine: 6 I do a lot of things during the day that are great for me: I always drink two big glasses of green juice, I eat salad for lunch and get my requirement of superfoods almost daily. I also write (almost) daily and I am getting better at crossing off To Do Lists.

I also do a lot of things not so great. Caffeine: I drink coffee almost every single day, and usually more than 2 cups. It’s a habit that slipped in this year. Processed foods: To say my diet is off the rails would be an overstatement, but aforementioned coffee is usually accompanied by a brownie. Internet Use: I but I need to cut it the fuck out with 9gag. Honest to God, that website is responsible for so many lost hours all over the globe it’s probably out there in an alternate universe creating a space-time continuum. No more. Spirituality: I should devote more time to this in my daily routine.

Career & Work 8 When it comes to my teaching job, things are great. Over the past months I’ve even trained myself to take care of the paperwork as soon as possible which greatly facilitates things. I love teaching, the material we teach and the students.

But I’d be lying if I secretly didn’t want a second career: I want to be a writer. And I’m a little dissatisfied because my birthday is coming up in a month and all I keep thinking is: ‘FUCK! I’m almost 24 and I haven’t written anything in book form!’ Clearly, this means I have to make it more of a priority.

Money & Finances: 6 I have the means to make due and buy healthy food, a good book and the occasional weird T-shirt, but I work part-time so I don’t have a very large pay-check at the end of the month. It’s enough, but it be nice to make more money. I also want to be more conscious of my spending habits and save more.

Health&Fitness: 6 Reasonable, but not as great as it has been or could be. Less than a year ago I was definitely fitter. I know how much energy a lot of exercise and raw food gives me so I’m going to be more serious about this again. I want to go to yoga 6 times a week and go back to my 80% alkaline/raw diet with a 20% marge of less stellar foods. And no more coffee, alcohol, pastries and simple carbs.

Social Life & Relationships: 9 I have supportive family, a great group of friends, an otherworldly amazing best friend and a great boyfriend. The only thing I need to learn is juggle my social life together with personal time: I tend to have a week filled with social obligations and the next week I want to be a hermit. Balance would be nice.

Home&Family: 9 In February, I moved out to live with my boyfriend. I am very close to my parents and my brother so we’re all still adapting to  me no longer living with them. I miss them sometimes. I still see them a lot, I go over there at 1-3 times a week, plus we cope with texts, calling and FaceTime. It’s a natural process. At home with boyfriend everything is great.

Emotions: 8 I’d like to think I’m very emotionally functional. However, as soon as other people’s behavior frustrates me, I lash out quite harshly. I need a few more lessons in letting go, I guess.

Spiritual Development: 6 I could do a lot more with this. More meditation, writing, feeding my intuition and practicing more of the Law of Attraction.

Beauty & Fashion: 7 Yes, I went there. I’m a girl after all. I’m okay with how I look, but my skin has been deteriorating the past year and I can’t figure out why exactly. It seems completely random. I’d love for it to improve, so maybe a little more attention and pampering. Fashion-wise I have plenty of clothes, but I’d like to wear a little more crazy stuff. But since it’s spring, it’s going to come natural. Bring on the hipster.

I plan to do this bi-weekly or monthly to keep an eye on how I’m doing. After all, it’s nice to have a great future, but you don’t usually get a great future if you don’t make sure to do great in the present.

How would you rate yourself on some of these areas? 

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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. An invite to think & grade the things in my life. Gonna put this on my to do list instantly!

  2. Interessant! Ik moet zeggen dat ik vaak nadenk over wat ik wil. Voor mijn toekomst. En ik denk dat je om je toekomst fijn te fantaseren juist soms af en toe lekker je heden moet meewegen. Ik dacht vandaag nog aan waar ik was en waar ik heen aan het wandelen was. Habits & daily routine staat wel onder het gemiddelde bij mij nu. Dat kan veel beter.

    1. Wat je zegt is zo waar inderdaad: je toekomst kan je pas goed befantaseren als je goed kunt kijken naar je heden.

  3. oh! i should do this, too. it is hard to keep all of the different aspects of my life in balance. when i spend a bunch of time on one aspect, i find that i neglect another.

  4. I’m definitely going to do this! Just get a piece of paper and a glass of water and write… I’d give my life around a 9 in the social life/relationships area. Althought I really want a boyfriend and don’t have one, I got great friends and a lot of confidence!

  5. Wat een leuk lijstje! Ik zal er ook eens serieus naar kijken. Ben eens benieuwd! En wat fijn dat je sociaal leven, vrienden en familie zo hoog scoort. Dat is tenslotte een van de belangrijkste dingen in het leven!

  6. Nice list. I will make my own today, knowing I have a lot of work to do in a lot of areas… The sooner I start the better, right? 🙂