How I Learned To Say I’m Not Good At Something.

Last year, at a bachelorette party of one of my friends, I hitched a ride with one of her coworkers. She’s this BEAUTIFUL woman with a PhD AND great hair, driving a kickass BMW. One of those “how does she do it”-types, you know? When we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, there […]

The Self Help Hipster Podcast S02E02: The Universe Has Your Back

New episode of the Self Help Hipster Podcast, season 2! Fair warning: when I listened to the podcast I don’t think it’s up to our usual standards. Which is my fault entirely, not Andrew’s. I’m all over the place, stuttering and not being my usual eloquent self. I have been under the weather with (what I […]

The Year Ahead: Year Compass

Up in the 12 Days of (Weird) Self Help: A (free!) PDF called YearCompass (the Year Ahead). To help you get your 2016 in a row and prep for 2017. I found it in the BulletJournal Facebook group (where I never post because people get in fights all the time) and I think you guys […]

Master Your Mindset by Michael Pilarczyk

MASTER YOUR MINDSET BY MICHAEL PILARCZYK Next up: Master Your Mindset by Michael Pilarczyk. Michael seems like such a smart, nice guy in his videos with Sanny and I find his life story absolutely fascinating: Making tons of money, losing it all, finding his way back to happiness and health, fame and fortune. But his book, […]