2013 Revolutions: First, Accept Where You Are.

Self development and improvement requires being brutally honest with yourself. You gotta be able to own up to your own shit and your own showstoppers. If you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge you’re at point A, you can’t move to point B.

Got temper tantrums and rage issues? Don’t tell yourself you’re a docile little flower. Bad eating patterns? That’s fine, but stop pretending you’re usually pretty healthy while you’re heating up your fourth microwave meal this week. Lazy? Put away the pedometer and stop feeling awesome for setting 5000 steps a day: That’s not exercise, that’s delusion.

I have to admit I’m disorganized, messy and chaotic before I can improve it. I can’t straight-faced pretend I’m orderly and I serve nobody by telling them I’m neat. Next thing you know I end up housesitting for someone and making the biggest mess since Sebastian the Crab got loose in the castle’s kitchen.

So get real. Only if you fully accept your starting point, you can move from it: Forward. What works best here is trying to let go of that negativity you feel towards being where you are right now.

Wish you had more self-esteem? Say: “I’m kind of insecure right now…and that’s okay.” Wish you were thinner? Say: “I weigh more right now than I want to weigh…and that’s okay.” Wish you had a better job? Say “I’m not in my ideal work environment yet…and that’s okay.”

This way you not only acknowledge your starting point, you also give yourself freedom to let go and forgiveness to release negativity towards yourself. This allows you to move forward at a much higher speed than if you keep holding yourself back with the negative connotations of where you are now.

Because let me tell you something: You’re already absolutely awesome. There is no need for bad self-esteem to drag you down and hold you back. You want to change because you deserve to be your most wonderful self, not because you’re not good enough.

Accepting your starting point and the person you are now is a key to growth, change and development. You’re exactly as you are, where you are; and from hereonout you can only become more amazing and do more amazing things. And that is what you should keep in mind when you’re working on your New Year Resolutions: Where you are, with lots of self acceptance and love to go to where you want to be.

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  1. ” You want to change because you deserve to be your most wonderful self, not because you’re not good enough.”
    Love that! It’s so true

    Thanks for another amazing article.

  2. Goed stuk! Ben hier toevallig de laatste tijd zelf ook mee bezig, accepteren hoe de situatie is op dit moment en vanaf dat punt verder proberen te komen. Ik ben al jaren zwaarder dan ik zou willen en bij iedere poging tot afvallen was mijn instelling; ”dit wil ik niet, ik wil dunner zijn!”. Het is goed om jezelf soms even kwaad te maken, maar helemaal ontevreden te zijn heeft alleen maar negatief effect op je vooruitgang, en de duur ervan. Ben het dus helemaal eens met wat je hier schrijft!!