Superfoods and How I’m An iHerb Fangirl !

Last week when I posted a blog about my kitchen, all the interesting looking items spurred up a lot of interest and curiosity from you guys. I can imagine! I figured I’d tell you a little bit more about them AND where you can find all these magical, delicious and healthy things (hint: THE INTERNET).

I call something a ‘superfood’ if it is a food that contains extreme amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins or minerals, or all of the above. I also call something a superfood if it has a potency or quality unlike other foods so ginger, blueberries, lemons and avocados superfoods to me as well. But maybe that’s personal. I’ll do a post on my ‘normal superfoods’ another time. Most people I know only call something a superfood when it fits the first criteria.

For now I only wanted to tell you a little more about my favorite ones with the fancy names and packaging, especially since you didn’t see three of my favorites in my kitchen last week.

This is a short (lol, who am I kidding) overview of superfoods I personally consider to have had the most impact on my health so far. I apologize if you’ve read this before, I did add some information here and there. For ALL my superfoods, check this post if you saw something that’s not in this list.

Anyway, the superfoods that have notably made me more energetic, healthier and happier:

  • Chia Seeds: I started adding them because they gave everything such a funny pudding-like texture, but they’re rich in omega fatty acids, keep you hydrated for a really long timeThey also curb my hunger, because of the fatty acids and hydrating quality.
  • Spirulina: It’s powder made from seaweed and it contains shitloads of chlorofyl, protein, iodine and iron. Once I got used to the taste, I started feigning for it! I’ve heard this is the case for most people who start adding it to their juices. You can also make a delicious dressing with it!
  • Maca Powder: This is made from a plant-root and fixes all sorts of shit in your hormone levels. It’s an adaptogen, meaning it brings your hormones into balance, however that might be necessary. It increases energy (truth), stamina (truth) and boosts libido (PREACH).  I love this stuff.
  • Hemp Seeds: Very healthy, omega-fatty acid rich seeds that go great in smoothies and salads.
  • Raw cacao powder: This stuff is pretty fucking amazing, but also a little crazy. Story time.

For starters, raw cacao is definitely an amazing superfood. It has the highest amount of antioxidants ever, contains huge amounts of mangesium and notable amounts of iron and calcium. It also has a tiny bit of caffeinne but lots of theobromine, which is also a stimulant but a more friendly one. Add to that the fact it contains tryptophan which helps the brain with serotonin-production (our happiness neurotransmitter) and phenylethylamine which stimulates our pleasure centre and dopamine production (our other happiness neutrotransmitter), the effects of this food are very potent. And when I say potent, I mean they can actually be a little drug like.

I experienced the last drug-like thing only two or three times; you have to eat a truckload of raw cacao to make that happen and you just feel really happy and energetic, but in a natural way, not in a I-Licked-The-Frog-kind of way. It’s a lot healthier to have some raw chocolate in moderation every now and again, though.

It’s also controversial food in the raw food world with two camps: One group raves and preaches the wonders of raw cacao, the other group is only concerned with the adverse side effects and dangers. I personally think it’s better to have some raw cocao than to overdose on coffee or regular, sugar-crazy chocolate, which is why I think positively about raw cacao. You’re free to make up your own mind in that regard!

These are three of the superfoods I absolutely love and currently don’t have in the kitchen:
  • Raw honey: I never liked honey until I tried raw honey, and then I was hooked. Sweet in the most natural way, great in my gingertea and very good for you. Supposedly very prana (=life energy) rich food. Lin is placing an iHerb order this week and ordering it in for me, bless.
  • Himalayan Salt: This is salt that isn’t stripped from its nutritional value whereas white table salt ususally is. You should never go overboard with your salt intake (hello bloat!), but you do need it; especially if you sweat a lot due to climate or exercise. So if you’re going to have salt, best to get some minerals in while you’re at it, right?
  • Bee Pollen: I LOVE THESE. They’re sweet, very nice and crunchy and very rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I add them smoothies and yogurts, and I miss them dearly now I don’t have them!

Now for the big question….where do you get all of this unicornesque food stuff…? 

Darling readers, I would like you to meet She and I have been in a passionate love affair for more than a year and I think I’m in love. iHerb has ALL superfoods you saw in my kitchen and they have way more available than most health food stores in the Netherlands. Although I have to admit it’s getting better, I haven’t found raw honey or coconut oil of this excellent quality anywhere in the stores here thusfar. Hence, my long distance relationship with iHerb.

Although I detest that iHerb uses DHL as their main delivery service here*  I go through that DHL nonsense for the amazing quality, quantity and cheaper prices of iHerb. I personally have no experience with import costs, I have one friend who was bothered by this once.

You want to give lovely iHerb a go and order for the first time? Great! Allow me to make some recommendations.

First of all, darlings: Don’t make your bank account cry. Don’t order more than is financially sane. The best way to start out with buying these healthy foods is by buying one or two first you are most interested in first! Give it some try, try it, get used to it and if you’re satisfied with it (and have the money for it), you always buy more or different items.

My collection is the result of two years of ordering every now and then: I started out with just raw cacao powder and nibs, then tried the ah-ma-zing Jarrow Formula Coconut Oil, maca powder, spirulina and so forth. I built up my stash over time, one order at the time and that’s perfectly fine, especially since all these foods last long and have late expiration dates.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to get first, here’s the items that I personally would recommend most:

  • Spirulina: Because you get a bag that lasts you a year, because it’s a supereasy way to get chlorofyl and nutrients and because it’s very good for detox.
  • Raw honey: Especially great if you’re a sweet tooth and want to make a switch, but for me the most important reason to add this to the Newbie To Superfood Recommendations is that it really boosted my energy and mood when I just added a little bit to my gingertea in the morning.
  • Raw Cacao Powder: Because it’s a healthy switch, makes for some creative, nutritious dessert options and it’s the reason I now never crave normal chocolate anymore. Which is something I never thought would happen.
  • (Coconut oil. Because it’s relatively cheap, lasts for a long time, is great for baking, adding to smoothies as well as skin and hair.)

If you want to order, you can use my code EKE571 when you do for a 5$ discount!

It’s a system iHerb uses to encourage happy customers to tell their friends and their new customers to have a nice intro-order. I get a small commission if you order, but as you probably know by now, I only endorse what I really support. iHerb, as my favorite on-line store supplying superhealthy foods, is definitely one of those things.

I hope this post was helpful and I wish you a happy healthy (super)food hunt, dear readers!

*I think they’re the most incompetent of all delivery services. They have shown me nothing but bad communication and general laziness; They once didn’t deliver my package on the said day of delivery because it didn’t have the zipcode. The label had the rest of my address COMPLETELY correct and if that driver had had the common sense and decency to type in a streetname instead of a zipcode, I wouldn’t have wasted A WHOLE FUCKING DAY waiting around the house. Excuse my temper. It pisses me off when employees are incompetent. 

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  1. For Dutch readers: some organic stores do have raw cocoa nibs, powder or beans. I found raw cocoa nibs, chia seeds and goji berries at Erica ( in Amersfoort, but they have more shops in the Netherlands.

    Thanks for the article, nice overview of your favorite superfoods. I will try spirulina soon, curious about that one 🙂

    By the way, question: do you consider honey/pollen as an animal product, and not-suitable for vegans, or do you think differently? (Just curiosity)


  2. Thanks for you recommendations on which ones to try out first! I’m a fan of iHerb too, I know them from their large range of sulfate free shampoos and availability of very good conditioners like Aubrey Organics honeysuckle rose, lol. Oh and under 4lb and over 40$ delivery is free now (through DHL).

  3. I also have a site tip! They also deliver in the Netherlands and they sell almost every superfood Lianne described. Only raw honey I haven’t found on there. At the end of this month I am definately placing an order!! 🙂

    1. i found this only happens with big/heavy orders, so never order together with friends! and UPS is more prone to being suscepted than DHL too :). so never order together with friends, dont make your orders TOO big, use DHL, this might help xxoxo

      1. I thought so too, but after my brother ordered only a bag of raw cacao nibs & pycnogenol and had to pay an extra 15 euro’s and I had to pay an extra 20 euro’s with my own, not that big(reishi, yacon, probiotics and spring dragon tea) order, I’m starting to doubt that thought. I never really payed attention to whether I use DHL or UPS, so maybe that will help, thanks!

  4. Inderdaad een hele lijst, maar wel interessant! Die foto heb je grappig gedaan, met die streepjes. Ik zie geregeld dingetjes met raw cacao voorbij komen (bijv. bij Lin), gecombineerd met jouw uitleg zorgt er voor dat ik dit weekend ook wil gaan halen! 🙂

  5. Love your blog! Travelled Australia last year and noticed a big difference when it comes to ‘health’ products. All the superfoods you described were available in the normal supermarkets (even in small towns) and not expensive at all (they even had whole aisles filles with soy/almond/hazelnut/rice-milk products… ). Probably Asian influence ^^ I fell in love with them as you can imagine. But then I came back to Holland…. Dear God, it’s almost impossible to find them in regular stores and if you can find them they’re bloody expensive! Thanks sooo much for the website! 🙂