My Thoughts On Raw Food.

When it comes to food, I am a simpleton with one main thought: “Where is it?”  …I’m not kidding. You can lure this girl anywhere with a good cupcake or a nice green smoothie. I love food and I will follow you around for it. True story.

But when it comes to raw food, I only really have one (actually meaningful) quote that I keep in mind: “You don’t have to eat 100% raw foods to be healthy, but you do have to eat raw food to be healthy.”

It’s a quote I read in my friend’s Sabine’s e-book ‘Raw Food Made Easy’ (book review here) and it has stuck with me ever since. It’s basically how I feel about raw food and health in general.

Because what I eat during the day has taken on a very rough sketch of the raw food diet — with a very unraw but yummy unraw brownie clause. That I eat a lot or raw food is just how my diet evolved over the past year; I focus on one thing only when it comes to my food choices: I eat what makes me feel good. I have found that eating a lot of fresh food like green juice, salads and smoothies during the day gives me the most energy and happiness, and so that’s what the bulk of my diet is. I was never a conscious choice, I just automatically drifted more towards the raw food diet than anything else. Also, my tastebuds have changed to appreciate the absolute fuck out of most fruits and vegetables, which makes it very enjoyable to devour them.

I hardly ever have raw food for dinner, though. I don’t eat alone very often and even when I do, I like a hot plate of pasta pesto or a nice sweet potato curry.  Which brings me to the quote I just shared: I really don’t think you have to eat a strict raw-food diet to be healthy. I know plenty of people radiating with health while eating cooked foods and a processed snack every now and then. But I do believe that it’s very healthy to eat a lot of raw food: Taking in all this nutrition in all its unaltered glory is good for your body!

Because whether you like it or not, the foods that are best for us are usually the foods that people haven’t fucked around with too much. I’m sorry, but we are a destructive bunch. The more we heat, strip and add in those food factories, canning everything to outlive us for a thousand years, the more nutritionally void and unhealthy foods are going to be. Raw food sounds all complicated and cold, but it’s mainly vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and other unprocessed, unheated stuff. With all its enzymes and nutritional values still skyhigh, it’s no wonder it’s good for us to eat a lot of it, non?

I love raw food and experimenting with healthy raw snacks and desserts, because honestly…You should go raw just for the desserts (click), but I don’t think I’ll ever go 100% raw. I’ll stick to my 70-80% and still enjoy my pasta and my brownies. 😉

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  1. Helemaal mee eens. Maar toch is er zelfs wat betreft raw food een probleem. Tegenwoordig wordt al ons fruit en groente zo gekweekt, dat er steeds minder vitamines in zitten. Dus wij komen wat dat betreft op dagelijkse basis vaak veel te kort, helaas.

    1. Daarom zou je eigenlijk ook veel biologisch moeten eten dus? Ik eet zelf een deel biologisch maar ook heel veel niet. We hebben helaas niet alles onder controle!

  2. I really like your approach on food. I used to be very ‘all or nothing’ but somehow I switched to ‘eating what feels good’ and I like that a lot more. I want to try to incorporate more raw foods in my diet though, I think I’m only at 50% raw or something.

  3. Hier kan ik me prima in vinden! Ik probeer ook echt gezond te eten en moet van mezelf ook meer fruit etc eten (want daar eet ik gewoon te weinig van), maar helemaal rauw zou ik nooit doen, ik zou alle lekkere ovengerechten/pastagerechten/risotto etc veel te veel missen. Wel een goede reminder om weer wat fruit in te slaan!

  4. I really enjoy reading your posts.
    I have same thoughts as you. I believe raw foods are healthy but it is not practical for me to stick to 100% raw diet..