My (New) Workspace At Home


This is going to be one of the most useless articles on my blog, because it’s neither very funny nor inspirational. It’s about me making a new semi-studyspo type workspace in my new house.

Normally I’d save this type of crap for personal blog posts like month in reviews or gratitude lists but it is such a great source of joy and productivity it deserves its own article. Half the reason you’re seeing semi regular updates here again IS because of this.

Hence the separate article.

Take a look.

So I’ve been living in this beautiful, photogenic place for about four months now and I’m still so grateful for getting to be here for a while. I love living here.

I cook up a (mostly high calorie) storm in the kitchen. I sleep like a baby upstairs – unless the church bells are ringing for -oh I don’t know- a million years on Sunday morning.

And I stand in the bathroom blowdrying my hair and lip-syncing to Beyonce like I’m a crazed fangirl just released from the Beehive asylum and only a moderately serious restraining order.

There was just one problem. See, I work from home sometimes. Because God bless Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, zero interruptions and being able to contemplate what to eat while standing in front of the fridge  for 15 minutes without colleagues quickly grabbing their food, protectively sheltering their Tupperware boxes in their arms. (You can relax Sharon, I don’t even like couscous.)

But at home, I used to work at the kitchen table, and the kitchen is long and narrow which means there is little light where I sit. That started to make me grumpy. And unproductive.

So, on a Friday with a ton of work to finish, I decided to look for another option somewhere in the house.

Basically, I was looking for a spot where you could theoretically put a needy house plant. But with requirements. Think of a Gardenia with like, an Internet company or something. So light, a power outlet nearby, and a desk big enough for a to do list and a cup of coffee.

Turns out that was easy enough. This apartment has a living room on the first floor that I never sit in — I’m either in the kitchen or the bedroom like one of those perfect wives from the fifties.

But it is super light and pretty in there. So I used one of the decorative tables (used to only have candles on it) put it near the middle window..and made it into my home office desk.



Tons of natural light, a power source, enough room on the desk for both useful things and knick knacks, and some pretty (fake) plants and window decoration to look at.


I sit here for work- and blog-related activities. A cup of tea or coffee nearby, my Pomodoro app and a good 8tracks playlist (current fave): Perfect.


I try to put back my Wacom tablet too (when I’ve taken my laptop somewhere I don’t always put it back).

I haven’t drawn anything with it in months but it’s better for my wrists and hands if I use that instead of my trackpad.



I even sit here in the evenings! Mind you, these are my least productive hours: I’m a day person. But right now I still get shit done when I sit here. Some writing and making a to do list for the next day, at the very least.


So yeah!

Ridiculously happy about my new spot to sit. Doing admin and sending out emails is almost fun now.


Okay bye.

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  1. Ik snap wel dat je daar productiever van wordt. Ik ben ooit zo dom geweest om mijn kamer donkerpaars te schilderen en zit dus vrijwel altijd te leren/werken/schrijven in een donker hol. ‘s Avonds is dat prima (nachtuil), maar overdag is het ZO’N gebrek aan licht. Als ik later groot ben dan wil ik ook een mooie licht spot voor m’n werkplek.

    Anyway, loved the inspiration <3

  2. Ziet er comfortabel uit! En leuk dat het je productiever maakt – ook vanuit mijn (egoïstisch) oogpunt bekeken. Ben je blog stukje bij beetje vanaf het begin aan het lezen omdat ik je stukjes vaak inspirerend, verhelderend en grappig vind. Meer nieuwe stukjes = meer nieuwe ideeën en gegniffel langs mijn kant van het scherm 🙂 (Verkapt dankberichtje voor je blog).