Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen Book Review

my drunk kitchen book 1Final book of the (first!) Holy Trilogy: Hannah Hart’s My Drunk Kitchen. I saved it for last because I needed some extra time. I still have no idea if I like it.

I’m just gonna try to figure it out as I review. Come along.

my drunk kitchen book

DISCOVERY: Hannah Hart (see previous article) is one of my “I don’t know if I want to be you or if I want to be on you”-women. I watched a lot of her YouTube videos, especially like her collabs – especially the ones she does with Grace and/or Mamrie, and I LOVE her.

She’s funny, cute, knows how to deliver an inspiring message without going overboard and her tagline is Reckless Optimism. She’s awesome. I was excited about her book, and bought it last summer while I was on holiday and wanted to read some non-fiction. I got the ebook version for 10.99 on Bol.com*. The hardcover costs 23.99 there, but you can get it for 18.75 on Book Depository!

SUBJECT: Eating, drinking and going with your gut according to the tag line. In reality, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s about anything, really.

It features recipes, stories from Hannah’s life and relationships, and some non-sensical subchapters like ’10 Things Alchocol Alcohol Does To Your Body’. I cannot for the life of me see the bigger picture of this book.

KOOKINESS (1-10): In terms of Cookiness I give it a 1, because there is not one recipe in the entire book that I wanted to try. 9, because I really don’t understand this book (It’s a gag-book, I would say, but maybe that’s a huge insult. I don’t know.)

SELF HELP HIPSTER’S STAMP OF APPROVAL: Yikes. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but…no.

I feel horrible because I love Hannah*, but I don’t like her book. (Oh hey, guess I figured it out.)

Her book was too all over the place for me to get into, and to like.

She had some good lines, and some of the jokes and quotes are good. But the writing could get quite non-sensical, drifting off, jumping from topic to topic. To me that’s funny in videos, not so much in a book. I need structure.

Plus, I know it wasn’t supposed to be a ‘Real Cookbook’, but still, the recipes and food pictures made me lose my appetite. I liked NOTHING of whatever that food was.


  • [After a story about Person A and Person B being very different people] “What matters is that both people aren’t judging themselves, or each other, which i really the only thing you can hope for while you’re trying to make it through adultolescence.”
  • “In your adultolescence, it is no longer cute to constantly comment on the things you hate about yourself.”
  • “JUST DO IT first and then tell people about it. Sometimes I find that discussing an idea before executing it can take the wind out of my sails a fair bit.”
  • “Just remember, sometimes it’s okay for the party to be over.”
  • “Destiny maybe isn’t just determination, but I’m sure that being open to working hard will help.”
  • “Remember, personality first. Then look for trust funds.”
  • “If someone is trying to do something nice for you, it’s best to just get them finish.”
  • “If you marinate in negative thought, you may just become a bitter regret stew that nobody will ever want to eat again.”
  • “There is no need to be so passive and reactionary. You can be proactive in all elements of your life.”
  • “Check yourself. If you’re going to assume constantly that people are going to let you down,then that might be a good sign that you are the one who is doing the down-letting.”


  • You wanna support Hannah Hart
  • You are okay with things making zero sense
  • You like a funny book with gag-recipes that symbolise life events and situations
  • You are not expecting an actual cookbook FullSizeRender-7

In conclusion: No.

But it’s a loving “this is not for me, but I DO think you’re awesome”-no.

Now I just really hope that I do love her next book.

Not to be that blagher, but genuinely curious: Did you read this? Do you agree? Do you have any wisdom to share to help me ‘get it’? Let me know in the comments.

*Affiliate links. 

**Let this be a lesson to hysterical fangirls all over the world: You can be a fan, love someone, and STILL not think everything they do is amazing and brilliant. You can not like a thing your favorite does. 

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