My (Almost) Daily Foods.

So I figured it might be interesting to show what I devour regularly. Because I, ladies and gentlemen, have an absolutely monstrous (rawr!) appetite: I am always hungry. And to keep myself from eating crap and eventually starting on the carpet when I’ve eaten everything in the house, I really try to make some standard satisfying healthy meals. These are the juices & foods I make almost daily.

This is my superdupergreen breakfast juice: 2 hands of spinach, 3-4 stalks of celery, half a cucumber, half a brocolli stem (optional), 1 green apple and 1 lime. The magical dark green colors comes from a heaping tea spoon of spirulina powder.

Then usually, in honor of Kevin Malone, I have ‘Second Breakfast’.

Which in my case is a sort of Chocolate-Smoothie-Pudding Baby. Blend a splash of almond milk, a banana, a handful of blueberries mixed with 1.5 tablespoon of chia seeds, then add 1-2 table spoons of raw cacao, a tea spoon of maca powder: Blend again. Now add goji berries, mulberries and raw cacao nibs. Nom. 

I sometime have a sandwich or an omelette, but lunch is often a salad. What I usually throw in the salad bowl: A handful of spinach, a hand of field lettuce/rucola, some tomatoes, some cucumber, sweet pepper, sprinkled with some hemp seeds and pine nuts, olive oil and herbs. I often add sprouts (not pictured) or salmon (is pictured).

This is one of my other personal favorite, my afternoon go-to juice: 4-5 big carrots, 4 tomatoes and a lemon. I drink this shit like it’s orange juice.

And…THIS is my favorite dinner ever. Easy and delicious. I don’t have this every day (although I could!) but 2-3 times a week and I wolf down two heaping plates full of it. Veggie-pasta with pesto sauce. I use wholewheat pasta keeps me satisfied, and I love veggies in pesto. I sprinkle grated cheese on top of it as well as some rucola.

Unpictured, but other foods I eat almost every day:

  • A brownie. They sell these amazing walnut brownies five minutes from my house and although it’s not great I go get one so often, if you’re going to splurge, best to do it on the best in town, right?
  • Avocado with pepper & salt. What can I say, I’m easy to please.
  • A Pink Lady apple. They’re my obsession as of late. Very easy to snack on while you’re on your way to something.
  • A slice of cheese. Totally weird, I know, but I sometimes steal a slice of cheese out of the fridge. I usually do it right before dinner, when I’m in the mood for a little salty snack.

I like these foods to make daily appearances in my kitchen, but I’m always up for new interesting dishes! Do you guys have any healthy recipes for me to try out?

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  1. Mijn vriendje die absoluut niets lust eet niet thuis de komende dagen dus ik was al aan het fantaseren wat ik zou gaan maken. Het moest heul veul groenten hebben en ook nog eens gemakkelijk en gezond zijn. Dat wordt dus veggie-pesto-pasta! Thanks. 😀

  2. Oooh, interesting! I’ve actually been meaning to ask you about your food routine, so I think I’ll challenge myself to eat like this for a day or two and see what it does to my body.
    I’m also one of those hungry hungry people who needs food every 3 hours or so if I don’t want to turn into a very cranky person.
    I’m going to try this! Can I preserve these juices and bring them with me? We don’t have a juicer at work, so I’ll have to make them at home and bring them with me.

    1. Try it, see how you feel! I am exactly the same, I need a good amount of food in me to function. And of course you can! It’s best to drink it straightaway because of the nutrients but it’s still good for you even when you bottle it up and put it in the fridge: I do this at work all the time too!

  3. “Chocolate-Smoothie-Pudding”, DIT ga ik zo echt wel proberen
    Verder ben ik benieuwd naar maca poeder, ik ga na werk eens naar ekoplaza.

    ik eet ook veel peulvruchten: linzen, kikkererwten, zwarte bonen ed. dat vult de maag ook heel lang.

    1. Weet niet of ze maca poeder daar hebben, in die G&W winkels in ieder geval wel! Ja ik houd echt van kikkererwten! Verder ben ik niet dol op peulvruchten, behalve ontkiemd!

    1. – chop garlic & onion: throw in pan.
      – chop mushrooms & zuchini/eggplant: throw in pan.
      – chop sweet pepper & tomatoes: throw in pan.
      – throw pesto in pan.
      – stir.
      – add salt&pepper to taste
      – add al dente wholewheatpasta


      1. I’m going to have to try the pasta dish. And juices – I could totally drink those too. Weird since we were just talking about it. I have to ask as I keep hearing about it – what is spirulina powder?

  4. Havermout als ontbijt of lunch, een fruitsmoothie (vitamines!), tosti’s met brie/geitenkaas en honing en als avondeten: wokgroenten met tomatenpuree of sla en lekker gekruide kip/iets vegetarisch (groenteburgers jum!)

    Ik moet de groene smoothie nog steeds een keertje uit proberen. Die almond milk hè, waar koop je die? Die kan ik nooit vinden in de winkel (of ik zoek verkeerd) neem aan dat het in het nederlands gewoon amandelmelk heet?

  5. Ziet er heerlijk uit! Misschien moet ik toch eens een juicer gaan overwegen, jammer dat we zo weinig ruimte hebben in de keuken.

    1. Het is een Tomado Centrifugal Juicer die ik ooit bij de blokker hebt gekocht: Hij is/was 35 euro (weet niet of ze hem nog verkopen) en voor de prijs is het prima maar als deze stuk gaat investeer ik in een grote, mooie slow juicer. 😀

    1. Haha, dan kan je ook een smoothie maken met iets van bessen oid erin toch? Ik vind deze sapjes ook echt heel lekker, maar je moet wel even opletten wat je met wat combineert. 😉

  6. Doesn’t your breakfast juice just taste like celery? Do you like the taste of celery? Because I find it disgusting but I want to learn to drink it. I’m afraid to put it in my juices. But it’s so readily available so it would be nice to use it.
    Hey, ya know what? I’m just gonna go out now and buy the ingredients you used and try it! 🙂
    Will report back later today 😉

    1. Slow&Spartan Warriorism: Just add one stalk per juice for a couple of days and slowly build up! I personally don’t like the taste either but the juice I LOVE now.

      1. Whoa! I juiced a cucumber, green apple, 2 big handfuls of spinach, 4 stalks (with leafs) of baksoi, 1 lemon and 1 stalk of celery. I didn’t realise it but this gave me half a liter of juice!
        But, it was disgusting! Holy Moly! Just one! stalk of celery.

        But! I am proud of myself. Normally I would really give up before I drank half of that. I was about to give up and throw it away when I still had 2/3 left. Then I repeated your words; “Slow&Spartan Warriorism” and continued. I started having a conversation with myself in my head about getting out of my comfort zone and just get it over with. It still took me about 30 minutes to finally finish it but I did! This is one of the first results of your course; me pushing myself. Me just not giving up. 😀

        I ‘attached’ a pic of the juice in the URL box, you can see it’s huge! ^_^

        1. Lady, I’m feeling you. I think celery is disgusting but, since everyone was raving about it in juices and said “you hardly taste it!” I thought I’d give it a try.

          So. Totally. Gross.

          So I’ve given up. I might try again some other time. I’m all for eating healthy and not every single thing has to be a treat, but but for now I’d much rather drink a lot of healthy juices with celery and actually enjoy them than force myself to drink something I find disgusting.

  7. Pasta Pesto <3 In all its varieties. 'Regular' green pesto. Red pesto, with onion, zucchini, mushrooms, pine nuts and feta. Pesto alla tranese, with almonds and tomato. Pesto with walnuts. Pesto with mint and feta instead of basil and permesan. I could eat pesto every day.

  8. Ziet er super uit. Ik ga de Chocolate-Smoothie-Pudding Baby zeker proberen. Maar, misschien een beetje domme vraag, wat zijn cacao nibs?

    1. Haha is helemaal geen domme vraag (ik wist het een jaar geleden ook niet 😉 ) – cacao nibs zijn stukjes rauwe cacao, heel lekker voor door yoghurt & smoothies enzo!