Months in Review: This Were October And November


Welcome to my new Month In Review. Alternate title: ‘Who Am I Kidding This Is Just Food Pics Of Random Dates And A Couple of Bullet Points So Let’s Hope I Get Away With It’

Let’s go!


  • I went to the Seasonal Soul Gathering from Roots and Seasons and that was just lovely.
  • Announced my book. Drank entire bottle of champagne with my friend.
  • Worked.
  • Ordered sushi when not working.


  • Got sick. That wasn’t awesome. Luckily it was just a heavy cold/mild flu so I was up and running again after 4 days in bed.
  • Made a lot of Italian food. Snapchatted a lot of it. This pasta puttanesca is my favorite dish at the moment. The cinnamon makes it magical.
  • Made my first batch of pesto. Ate home made pesto for about three days in a row. The garlic smell coming off me was unreal. And unpleasant.
  • Work.
  • Writing book chapters.
  • My boyfriend learned how to make pulled pork and parmesan curly fries. That man just does not stop.
  • I ranted or raved about things on Snapchat during work breaks. I show my to do list a lot too, recap of the old one every Sunday and intro of the one for the new week too.
  • Had Thanksgiving Dinner with my friends.

Sorry for being absent, work is top priority right now and the rest of the time I just make sure I relax, eat well and take care of myself.

December will be more work, Christmas dinners and me going on a little writing holiday/city trip.

You’ll be seeing more of me before December ends though, promise.

Thanks for sticking around with/for me. Love you, miss you. bye.


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  1. The realness of you getting away with this is almost palpable. Loving the Snapchat stories and random back-and-forth double-chin-snaps with you in the meantime! <3

  2. Hoi, lurker hier ik reageer nooit maar ik wilde toch even zeggen op deze kerst avond (terwijl ik blogjes lees) fijne blog heb jij, eerlijk en oprecht en daarnaast leuke content. Fijne kerstdagen !