Month in Review: March


Hi. I ate a burger.

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MARCH WEEK ONE There are very little pictures of the first week, because I looked and felt like a zombie fresh out of the ground. I survived on Citrosan, liquorice and people making fun of my sexy chain smoker voice.

I wrote this for Girls Love To Run on Saturday: I was freak-ing out. On Sunday I got so anxious from the fact I had to run a 10K in a month I put on my running shoes and ran 8,5 KM. Fueled by pure panic.


MARCH WEEK TWO I was starting to feel better, and I was also getting better at hiding my Zombie Face under a fuckton of make-up.

On a day off I had lunch with Marinte, one of my best friends from high school. Rotterdam was looking particularly lovely, so we sat outside at Prachtig and talked for hours.

We had wine, and because I always forget that I am truly tipsy after my second glass I accidentally went drunk-shopping afterwards. I bought this sweater and this Batman top. Clearly, Drunk Me has awesome taste.

The next night I had drinks with the coworker who once came up to me at the copier “I CAN TOP YOUR BREAK UP STORY BITCH” We were totally in the mood to go out and party it up, but because I’m me and she’s a lot like me we actually ended up watching the How To Get Away With Murder finale (SO GOOD) and falling asleep in the couch. Par-tay.


I ran 9,6K. Because you know, still terrified of the 10K.


Look who I found!

The crazy fan that harassed me last year when I wrote about the hot spot restaurant The Rose Garden!


Kidding, it’s my grandmother and she’s wonderful. We were there for my grandfather’s birthday.

After the dinner I went to my friend Lindsay (not to be confused with Lin) and we went out for drinks. Yes. To like, AN ACTUAL BAR. I know, I was surprised too. They had good wine and we had good conversations, so it was a good evening.

I slept over and the next morning we had breakfast together and she introduced me to the new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

I binge-watched that shit like nobody’s business.


FG FOOD LABS After my sleepover with Lindsay I was going back to Rotterdam.

It was the last day of Restaurant Week, I was browsing through the list of restaurants participating, saw an opportunity and I took it. I had always wanted to go to FG Foodlabs, and boy it did not disappoint.

I spent three hours, eating spectacular food, drinking fantastic wine, talking to amazing company. Sorry for all the adjectives, but it’s weeks later and I’m literally still happy over this entire experience.



After having my hair all at one length for a couple of months I was incredibly bored with the look. I wanted back to layers of mess and tons of volume.

So I booked an appointment at Toni&Guy and they did me proud.



Thamar and I went to the Burger House in Rotterdam. GREAT burger. Great fries. I think I still like Hamburg better, but it was a really good lunch.


The next weekend I had a hoop date with Lin, Mariet, Robin and Ashley.

I can literally only moderately keep the thing in my waist, but I can do that while drinking…so I guess that’s kind of a trick?


PUMA IGNITE I was on Lin’s Rotterdam Team for the Puma Ignite event. The sore legs I had the next day were unreal, but worth it.

We were spoiled rotten by Puma and Perry Sport and I love the new Ignite shoe. It was comfortable at first fit and I ran really well on it. The scavenger hunt through Rotterdam was a really cool run to do with all these sporty, fun girls.



YOGA DATE On Saturday I went over to Thamar’s place for a yoga session and mini yoga photo shoot for her blog! We were all naturals, including the kid.



  • Was featured in Metro about Mindfulness. What I loved most about that were the super enthusiastic responses from family and friends who scored copies and texted me about it, starting as early as 06:30 in the morning. Ya’ll are supportive, and I love it.

And there you have it, my March!

In April, I will be working a lot, running my first 10K, training for the half marathon that’s coming closer, going to Rome with my parents and turning 27 years old.

Should be fun. Later, dudes.

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