Manifesting Unrealistically!

My own article about realism in manifesting got me thinking — wow, there’s a narcissist statement if there ever was one. I started wondering about my own manifesting (I’ll do a longer separate post about this some other time).

Do I also try to manifest unrealistically? Absolutely. I have crazy manifesting-sessions where I go nuts on unreasonably outrageous Universal requests. I think know this can also work under the right conditions. It might require some more patience, but it’s worth it. And fun! But…when’s the right time and what’s the right way?


  • I believe it works best when you’re already shit-faced happy. When you’re manifesting unrealistically because you’re deeply unsatisfied with your reality, you’re setting up the wrong intention and vibe. But when you can really appreciate all the aspects of your life, when you are happy and grateful and while you are cruising on great emotions, this can rub off on all your unrealistic manifesting.
  • Another thing that helps is if you can do it…and then let it go completely. This is closely related to the first point: the happier you are in your current situation, the easier this will be. When you’re already happy and enjoying yourself, it doesn’t matter if it will happen soon or not. The less attached you can be, the better.
  • Another time to do it? When you’re bored and could use some fun outrageous dreaming. When your train is late. When you feel like it. Don’t worry too much about it. I’m not the Manifesting Police, you know.


  • I will always recommend Treasure Chesting unrealistic manifesting. This way you can go to town and literally put it away again. I’ve heard great stories about people doing this and finding this again when they were living in their dream home, doing what they always wanted to do or were with the perfect guy. Worth a shot, right?
  • Visualise yourself five years into your most perfect future ever. Ride the wave of feeling wonderful afterwards.
  • Write a list of things that are radically out of your financial league, perceived out-of-your-league situations you’d like to be in. Read it every once in a while, imagine having these things and being in that situation.
  • Feel free to place way-ahead-in-the-future orders with your Universal Waitress or Universal Delivery Guy.

What is most important is that all manifesting, realistically and unrealistically, should make you feel good. Happy, bubbly and excited for life. As long as you got that, you can manifest sideways, upwards and with glitter on top: Anyway you want.

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