Manifest Technique: Your Treasure Chest

This is one technique that is very powerful when it comes to manifesting things you want: It’s thorough, fun, and there is  a big empathis of letting go. You can do this exercise once every six months, a year, maybe even less and you store the box with your wishlists until at a certain point, you’ve actually forgotten everything you’ve asked for. When you then open the box again and you’re usually amazed at how much of the things might have come true for you.

What you need:

–       A box of some sorts. Maybe a shoe box, a special little chest or cabinet. A big envelope may also do.

–       Sheets of paper, small envelopes are a nice touch but optional

–       A pen

1. Write Down What You Want. You can do the writing down what you want in a few different ways. You can make one giant list of things you want, write it in story form, or you can divide it into different subjects and write down statements. I always do the latter (my head likes the illusion of me being organized like that): I have a few different pages and I head them with things like ‘Relationships’, ‘Material Stuff’, ‘Health, Body & Fitness’, ‘Money’, ‘Work’, etc. Then I start listing things I want.

For example, under Work I list a monthly salary I eventually want to have, an ideal job description, perks of my jobs and opportunities I wish to come see my way (such as eventually being able to do workshops!) I always write it in terms of “I’m so happy I now have X amount of salary” or “I am so thrilled my job offers so much challenges”, etc: like it is in the present.

2) Semi-Optional: You can reread the list, the stories or the statements. It might give you a good extra boost before you put them away. If you do, imagine these things to be yours, how awesome that is and how happy that makes you. Feel the love for the things that shall be yours.

This is ‘my box’. Ahem. A friend gave it to me as a house warming gift and I love it so, so much.

3) Finally, you put them in the box and put it away somewhere. And now, you just go live your life. By putting it away you send off a signal that you trust the Universe to take care of it. You don’t set a deadline or any other limit, you don’t obsess, yo basically say to the Universe: “Here you go: I made it clear what I want. Now I’m going to do my thing while you go do yours! Cheers!”

And now, you just go live your life! You study, you do your work, you hang out with your friends and you work on your long-time fantasy novel, your Mandarin or your people-skills, while you let the Universe work out the timeframe, technicalities and other specifications of everything that you asked for.

Now, as I did this this week, I decided to make it an experiment. Six months from now I’m going to reopen the box and see how much of my statements have actually come true. Not only nice to add some experiential support to the website as well as figure out the areas in life I am still getting in the way of myself in, that might be interesting too. Deal? Deal.

Pssssh: If you want to try it too,  drop me a line in the comments or let me know through e-mail! That way we can maybe incorporate your results in the post about this on the 16th of January 2013. If we’re still alive by then. Mayan calender and what not. 

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  1. Oh dat is een leuke! Ik ga dit ook doen!
    Ik heb wel eens een lijstje gemaakt aan het eind van jaar, voor het nieuwe jaar, maar nooit heel uitgebreid.
    Ik doe er ook nog het onderwerp kennis/persoonlijke ontwikkeling bij.

  2. You can do it once every sex months 😀 <3 Epic! Ik ga nu de rest lezen, want t is ongetwijfeld weer een grandioos stukje. Maar ik schoot net stiekem wel even in de lach 😉