I was at the I Love Beauty Event yesterday. And I did a thing. And various other things that didn’t involve me climbing on stage and making a fool of myself.

I LOVE BEAUTY EVENT Cynthia had asked me to give a workshop at the I Love Beauty Event months ago, because she also wanted to feature some inner beauty related topics. I was game right from the get-go, and super excited. As well as nervous: I am deeply scared of beauty blog readers. Ya’ll are intense.


MISS LIPGLOSS Cynthia is someone who I once thought followed me on Twitter by mistake. No way she would know I existed.

But turned out she did, and she liked my blog. And I am very thankful for the support she has shown me since we know each other.

A perfect example of the kind of thing Cynthia does is this: I had kept the I Love Beauty thing relatively quiet because I wasn’t sure how or when to announce such a thing, what was even allowed, etc. Plus, I have a hard time jumping on the self-promotional train sometimes. It’s a problem.*

So one day, I get a few emails from my friends saying “WHAT? ARE YOU SPEAKING AT THE I LOVE BEAUTY EVENT?!” Turns out Cynthia had mentioned me in a freaking printed interview she put on Instagram. I didn’t even know, and she put my name and my website in print somewhere.

Like, she didn’t have to do that. At all.

I would have been fine with it if she had never mentioned my name freaking anywhere, ever. But she does. And I think that’s cool.

Okay, enough insights in my personal appreciation of the host of the show. Let’s go to the event!


MY PLUS TWO I went to the event with Mariet and Michelle. Mariet needs no introduction at this point and Michelle is someone I talked to through social media quite a bit. Her friends couldn’t go on the Saturday, but Michelle really wanted to see my workshop, so I was like “okay, be MY fucking date then!”

…And that’s how I ended up having two people to take double chin selfies with.

MISSIONS I had two missions yesterday. One, survive the workshop (obviously). Two, find Cynthia and make her take a double chin selfie with us.


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  If our faces were art I would give them the following titles.

Michelle: Why am I here I made huge mistake get me out of here


Mariet: Why am I here I made huge mistake part II also can you believe this idiot to my left runs a blog

Cynthia: Prrrft I can’t believe I’m doing this.

As for the second mission?


BEAUTY AND THE SELF I was okay, but I had many flashes of pure inner panic. Occasionally I would go to the bathroom or do something on my own to deal with that for a second, the rest of the time my dates and all the things around me distracted me.

On my way to have one of my private freak out moments I ran into reader Patricia, and we high fived like we had planned on Instagram. It was awesome. Later we took a picture together. Also awesome.


As they were fitting the mic set behind the stage, presenter Francis (who is incredibly beautiful, like holy shit) came up to me and asked me if I wanted her to start me off. The idea of having to talk to her and be charming on stage as well as do the workshop? Brrrr.

So I went “no, you’re really nice but announce me and go away”

She was super professional about it.




CONTENT I talked a bit about liking yourself, self esteem, insecurities, and a little bit about comparing yourself to others and the role of social media. I combined what I know in terms of self help with theories, hypotheses and findings from psychology: Hence the kick ass logos for Self Help Me and Psychology Me.**

I was fully prepared to talk to an empty room (I have no presumptions or illusions on how interesting I might be to other people), but lo’ and behold: I had a bit of an audience. Not enough to trample Mufasa to death or anything, but actual, real people listening.

If you were standing in front of me? Fucking thank you. You made my story a lot easier to tell.

Would you guys like a separate article (or video?) with the content of the workshop? Let me know.

After my workshop, more cool things happened.


TOM GORNY I was legitimately curious about meeting Tom and seeing his workshop. I like him when I see him in videos and he seems like a cool dude, very outgoing, friendly and respectful. He doesn’t have that creepy vibe you sometimes see in people who teach other people how to be better people-people. You know?


Well, I met him. Holy shit. That dude could charm the pants off a cranky nun with a chastity belt.



And he asked me to do a video for him! Which is honestly something I always wanted to do. And now I did.


OH MY GOD LISETTE JONKMAN I MET HER AND I WAS SO EXCITED LOOK AT MY FACE. I have been following her on Twitter and IG, followed her #SchrijvenKreng journey and she is just…I don’t know. Something about her. I knew she was at the I Love Beauty Event but I hadn’t seen her yet. Luck had it she was shooting a video with Tom after I did so I got the chance to meet her and !!!!!.

At one point we were talking and got sidetracked and she said “Oh yeah, I have the attention span of an enthusiastic toddler in a glitter palace” and BAM I was in love with her.


(Intense relief on my face after my workshop)

LET’S SEE What else?

  • I had tons of fun at the Supertrash Sample Sale (they had disco pants and Mariet, Michelle and I took turns wearing them)
  • I bought a pretty dress and a sweater there.
  • And make up.
  • The people at vendors were all really nice.
  • They had fries.

Okay, gotta run. I have a date with a friend and THE MOCKING JAY.

*Sike, I’m fucking rad. 

**These were made by my graphic designer Mary Josie

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  1. This day was so. much. fun. You did GREAT, everyone was so sweet and cute and funny and cool <3. The title of our very, eh…, special, art isn't completely true though: "Why am I here I made huge mistake get me out of here" should be "OMG I FINALLY FOUND MY DOUBLE CHIN SOULMATES".

  2. I got really excited from all of the enthusiasm you carried out in this article, amazing! Although I could not be there, I would love to see a post about your workshop! (:

  3. Ahhh ik vind het zo jammer dat ik je gemist hebt! Maar het ziet er echt awesome uit Lianne en je hebt het vast ahhmaaazzinnnggg gedaan! En die shot van jullie vieren, CHIN! Freaking awesome 😀

  4. Haha this is amazing to read! Those double chin selfies are awesome 😀 I’m happy to read you had such an amazing time at the I Love Beauty event and got to meet Lisette and Tom. Very sweet of Cynthia to mention your name and blog in print! I would love to read and/or see more about the content of your workshop!

  5. were u joking when u asked whether we wanted an article about the content of the show? Offcourse we want it atleast me and my psycho friends!!! hopefully u would read this and do it…

  6. Ha, every selfie should from now on contain at least one double chin :-). It’s the visual antithesis of those photoshopped selfies! I think you’re already badass for not passing out while speaking in front of an audience. I would’ve totally crapped myself. And yes, a video would be great!

  7. Ik was bij je lezing en je deed het echt top! je kunt heel goed spreken en je bent mooi!! Je hebt me in elk geval weer geinspireerd in dat halfuurtje.

  8. Haha, het voelt heel raar om een comment achter te laten (ik ben een eersteklas lurker en volg je blog serieus al meer dan een jaar).

    Ik vind het ZO. JAMMER! dat ik je workshop heb gemist. Note to self: kijk beter in het programmaboekje voordat je als een kip zonder kop over de beurs rent en shiny jumpsuits à la De Toppers gaat passen op de sample sale. Ik ben erg benieuwd, dus een recap zou tof zijn 😀

    Mocht je nog een keer in de buurt van Helmond moeten zijn (geen idee waarom je dat zou willen, maar je weet maar nooit) dan is hier koffie. En thee. En glitterkanonnen. Let’s date!

    Liefs Lis

    1. Zie je, ik ben zo’n onervaren commenter dat ik gewoon twee keer een comment achterlaat. Deze comment is iets uitgebreider, dus voel je vooral niet bezwaard om die andere weg te gooien. Is ‘ik heb griep’ een excuus?

  9. i love that last picture of you, so adorable and pretty! and yes. great. all of this. great. thumbs up. (i’m so articulate tonight. but i like it.)