#LoveC4Cactus Test Drive & Weekend Getaway

(All pictures in this blog post are brought to you by the magic of Mariet Mons, unless the pictures are remarkably less beautiful, in which case they are mine. Trust me, you’ll be able to tell the difference) 

When I was invited to test drive the Citroên C4 Cactus, I was like “YES.”

When I actually saw a picture of the car, I did a slight head tilt, went ‘huh’ and still said “YES.”

So driving a Citroên C4 Cactus around? Bring it on.

As soon as I picked up my car at the Motorhuis car dealership for the weekend, I was a goner for the thing. I like all cars (vroom vroom), but I have a soft spot for Citroên cars.

After touring all over Eastern Europe in one I know my way around it; I know jackshit about specifics but I love how quickly they get upto speed and how agile they are on the road.

So, with my Spotify connected via Bluetooth, my Love To playlist on blast, I drove back to my place and then to The Hague.

Mariet lives in The Hague, and I was going to CharlotteLaw’s book launch with her and Cynthia prior to our weekend getaway. Mariet graciously accepted my invitation to accompany me to test drive the Citroên C4, and spend a romantic weekend getaway with me in Haarlem.

Off to Haarlem we went.

We stayed in Stempels, this cute little hotel overlooking the big church. The bath was so big I’m pretty sure it could fit three grown ups. Now that’s what I call a party.

Next we went out for lunch (steakhouse, because HUNGRY), then shopping. Haarlem is a really lovely town to stroll through, guys. Great shops, restaurants and everything is just so quaint and pretty.

At night we strolled around the cute centre some more and had a romantic Valentine’s day dinner somewhere.

Also, here’s a fun tip for making a dinner reservation on Valentine’s Day a day in advance: Don’t.

I now know all the restaurant owners in Haarlem (hi, George.)

The next day we had breakfast at the hotel. Hotel breakfasts are a great source of joy for both of us, so we just sat there for a while with OJ, bacon, coffee and some sort of cinnamon rol concoction I still think about sometimes when I’m sad.

The weather was great, cold but sunny, so then we went cruising. That’s what the car is for, after all.

We drove through gorgeous streets with big ass trees to take some pictures. Then we drove along the coast line, occasionally stopping for coffee, pictures or stalking some deer in a deer park. With the music on, the sun on the road, this was such a perfect Sunday.

At the end of the day I delivered my friend back to her absolute sport of a fiance, who graciously allowed me to steal away his woman for the weekend. You deserve a kick ass wedding present or a good drink, dude.

Let’s look at the car some more, shall we? Let’s get the social media campagne/sponsored part of this show on the road.

Okay fine, I’ll be serious.

So the car is a relative light weight for its size and being five-doors, very fuel efficient too. I like the bumper car plastic side compartments, but some of my friends (violently) disagreed on that.

(wanted to climb on the hood but then thought better of it)

(Because it didn’t work out so well the first time either)

What you can do now, is sign up for a test drive on the website on the form!

So go forth! Hashtag it up and Love the C4 Cactus.

In the meantime, I’ll look fondly at the cute miniature C4 Cactus car I got at the dealership as I go back to my non car-having life. One day, guys. Vroom vroom.

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  1. I loooove the last photo (actually I love all the pics but the last one made me laugh through my nose). these are the two things i could use right now, a weekend getaway and a car! great read.

  2. Haarlem is zo leuk! Ik wist helemaal niet dat je bij Stempels kon slapen, heb er zo vaak geluncht. Misschien een ideetje voor de volgende keer. Oja en mooie auto (voor de sponsor) 🙂