Life’s too short to skip dessert.

I do not say ‘no’ to dessert. Ever. I’m a dessert fiend. When I go out to dinner, I scan the dessert section of my menu before I so much as glance at the possibilities for my main course. I like to know as soon as possible what dessert I can look forward to. That’s how much I love dessert. And I’m going to let you in on one of the most important secrets of a successful healthy lifestyle: you can totally eat dessert. 

Since I’ve started eating more consciously*, I’ve also been discovering the best sweet treats ever. Amazingly healthy and delicious at the same tine: If I had known a healthy and natural lifestyle had such delicious desserts up their sleeves, I would have ditched the tiramisu years ago and jumped on the raw dessert cart as soon as I could. I had no idea dessert could be this good, and not just for my taste buds!

For example, the divine raw chocolate mousse recipe I tried today, taken straight from Sabine’s e-book ‘Raw Chocolate Made Easy‘ I made today: it’s delicious and it’s made of avocado (healthy fats), coconut oil (more healthy fats) and raw cacao (antioxidant and nutrients fest)! It had me bouncing up the walls for the rest of the afternoon.

And it made me realise: there is so much more! I’ve only dipped my toe into the endless ocean of perfect sweet tooth treats! There’s raw vegan whipped cream, raw chocolate pie, vegan cookie dough with carob, fruit platters with cacao nibs and dried cranberries, almond yogurt with a superfood boost — I should stop before I drool all over my keyboard. There is such a variety of healthy and yummy desserts out there, why settle for less?

So I made a little deal with myself. It’s always been perfectly okay with me to eat dessert (life’s too short) but now I want my desserts to be more. The upcoming weeks I’m going to eat dessert like I mean it: finger licking good indulgence meets nutrient loads & health benefits.

Let’s see what I can fix up in the kitch’. First on the list are raw vegan pink velvet cupcakes. This is going to be fun, and delicious. 

*Not just less of the stuff that’s bad and more of the stuff that’s good, but consciously in the way I am aware of the effects ingredients or foods have on my physical, mental and emotional health. Once you start doing that, you’ll slowly but steadily take steps upon the right path for your healthy diet. 

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  1. I love love love dessert. When I was little and after diner I was full my mom used to ask: “Surely there’s no room left for dessert?” And I would answer: “No silly, I’ve got two stomachs. One for the regular food. And one for dessert.”

    Now I think of it I still say that. 🙂

    1. I always say I always leave a nook available for dessert, so pretty much the same: although an extra stomach DOES sound like a great idea too.