A Birthday Girl’s Gratitude List


Considering that I have been absent as well as a total grouch-monster, this birthday girl thought it would be good to make a gratitude list! To show you I still exist and am still all for the positivitiesz.

So. Let’s tone down the attitude, and dial up the gratitude.


BABE FIXED BABY My beloved MacBook was nearing retirement for a while, then it started balancing on the brink of death, and then it died.

I was more unhinged about it than I’d like to admit. Thing is, next to storing my life in words and pictures, my MacBook is a huge part of my life.

I use my laptop for writing, blogging and work, sure, but I also truly relax when I’m behind my laptop. It’s where I unwind, shut down my brain for a while and just enjoy. Sometimes by doing what I love, sometimes by watching YouTube channels or browsing Tumblr. I missed that safe space, especially as I was kind of stressed.

Luckily Manfriend is kind of amazing. We ordered a new hard disk, he spent a night dicking around with and lo and behold: Not only does it work, but it works LIKE A CHARM.

A lucky charm, because holy shit I am so lucky/happy that my Manfriend got it to work.


BABE IN GENERAL Fixing my MacBook is enough reason for me to blast ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boy’ on full volume  for the rest of the week (when he’s sleeping because I’m still an asshole), but he’s pretty great across the board.

He took me to dinner for my birthday yesterday. While we were talking, messing around and sharing food I could literally feel myself recharge from a stressful couple of weeks.

His hugs calm me down, he’s a hilarious nuisance around the house*, he is a great big brother and friend, he makes me coffee, and his laugh is kind of everything. Plus, he has the most perfect nose in the world** and I feel I owe my future children a chance at that.

nikon 11 april 491

ENABLERS OF A TEMPORARY VEGAN Shout out to the New Fork on campus for having amazing soy lattes and vegan Heavenly Cupcakes, Merel for being a great inspiration and Sanne for bringing me dark chocolate with inca berry’s. My daily life is easier and brighter because of you guys.


  • My brother who texts me “SISTER! DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOW MAN?!!!
  • Speaking of, Mitch & Scott from Superfruit and their version of Frozen.
  • SPEAKING OF, obsessed with Pentatonix.
  • Inspiring lectures about innovation and improvements in higher education.
  • The Mary Jarvis yoga class I did.
  • Lipton Lemon tea.
  • A message from one of my best friends from high school who I lost touch with, congratulating me for my birthday and asking me if I want to have coffee.
  • Sunlight.
  • House of Cards.
  • The big library downtown. Being there is so soothing.
  • The Divergent book series: I am so excited to go see the first movie!

Ok time to eat cake and entertain my family. Bye!

*He randomly sings “JASON DERULO” out when he’s walking around – The minute he comes home in the middle of the night in the weekend he starts talking to me, not thinking through that I am two floors up and fast asleep (well not anymore, obviously) – He will finish drinking out of something, then throw it across the room with the declaration “IT’S MY HOUSE I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT” – He likes to talk in German because he knows I  hate it. – His nicknames for me change every week or so go to Extreme Gorgeous to Elephante Grande and from Small Man to Khaleesi. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, my friends. 

**Except for Angel but I can’t procreate with her so that’s out.  

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  1. Happy birthday! Gratitude lists zijn erg fijn om te maken, bij mij helpt het altijd wel als ik gestrest ben. Hoewel knuffels van je vriend misschien nog wel beter helpen 😉

  2. I feel your pain over the computer issue. My old laptop and Ipod died simultaneously. They’re a huge part of my life, too. I couldn’t stretch to brand new replacements at the mo. But I did manage to trade my old compter in for a reconditioned Toshiba and a 4th generation Ipod Nano for £40. Both have a few scratches, but are in really good working order and do what I want them to do so bonus. And a huge happy b-day!