Law of Attraction & Your Career

After writing about the Law of Attraction in general and the Law of Attraction & Love, someone on Twitter requested an article about the Law of Attraction & Jobs. I think this is an excellent topic. For one thing, because making money to have a roof over your head and food in your mouth is going to be one giant part of your life. Second, it can be a major source of happiness & inspiration, but it can also be the soul-sucking and energy-draining bunion of your existence.

And third, because I believe the Law of Attraction can play a major role in your career.

  • If you buzz at a high&happy frequency in general, this will definitely affect how you function in the workplace in a very positive way.
  • It can move you in the right direction at a lot faster rate than you anticipated — because you know, setting the intention of where you want to go really speeds things up. Even when dealing with paperwork.
  • It opens the right doors, brings you the right people and puts you in the right spot at the right time. Be it in a meeting, at the water cooler or in the elevator.
I personally am very fortunate with the ‘career’ I have now. I studied Psychology, a topic I loved at a university that I loved.  Right after getting my Master’s Degree, I was hired to work at my university to teach the first-year Psychology courses (which I love!) at previously mentioned university (that I also love!)! So not only do I get to have Psychology & Teaching in my work, it’s also is a part-time job which gives me plenty of time to write*. Because let’s be serious: that’s the thing I love to do most in the entire Universe except maybe eat pasta.

Relax: I’m not calling my writing a career, but I really like the idea of taking the opportunities presented to me and working my buzzing butt off to eventually generate some sort of success and income from the thing I love to do most in the entire fucking realm of possible things. Except maybe eat pasta but that’s because of the carbs, man. They rule me.

Anyway. Enough about me, let’s focus.

Using the Law of Attraction in terms of work and career does not involve quitting your job and taking a seat upon your meditational pillow until some stranger called with your perfect job offer. With health insurance.

So let’s get real for a second. I’m thinking you either got rent or a mortgage to pay, you need food and the occasional shopping spree. You have bills to pay, places to go. You need money for that. And you don’t have money unless you work for it. And sometimes this involves working a job that doesn’t necessarily delight you to no end.

Less than ideal, sure, but it can be necessary. It doesn’t mean you’re working for ‘The Man’ or that you’ve sold out, it just means you’re doing what you gotta do. But. If your job makes you horribly depressed? You’re in a whole other realm of awful and you should really try to find another job. If you know you could do other things that would make you happier and that would still result in a paycheck, you should try to make that a reality.

So what I’m trying to say here, is really assess your current career status. How happy or horrible does your job make you feel? Are you satisfied with your responsibilities? With your paycheck? And how realistic is it that you could improve your situation? And if so…how? 

I’m not saying you should immediately quit your job and become a French Baret Artist for a living, but imagine for a bit: if it were possible, what would you love to do for a living? What things you love to do, things that make you happy? How would you live if you never had to worry about money, if you were always financially secure and feeling wealthy?

I for one would just sit in coffeeshops all day and type away on my MacBook like the pretentious writer that I am, go to a bunch of yoga classes and then out for fancy dinner. Hey, maybe one day.

So what about you? There’s no harm in fantasizing and working it out in your mind’s eye. It’s basically the drawing board for your life, plus it can get you all motivated and focused. Think big, think crazy, think of all the things you want in your workplace.

Now you’re thinking in possibilities instead of limits, think of the ones you could actually put into practice. Okay, so moving to Paris to be a famous fashion designer is a little far-fetched, but how about making some drawings, or even creating your first dress and seeing if anyone likes it? How about inquiring about extra hours, extra responsibilities, a different type of task to add to your day?

Take inventory of what more you could do. Ask people what they know and if they could teach you. Be open-minded, honest and show your intent.

For example, I told my supervisor I’d love to do a lecture for the first-year students if they ever were short of a professor. Next thing I knew she offered me a spot during her course and told me she’d ask the other professors too if they needed someone to jump in here and there. I am still equal parts excited and terrified.

Fuck, just go out and do something! I created an e-book that contains an mount of spelling errors that sends my Grammar Nazi blood pressure through the roof. But I at least got it out there. I created something that resembles what I want to do with my life, however flawed and simple.And from a first attempt can come a more successful second attempt. A kick-ass third attempt, perhaps? So on, so forth.

Adding the Law of Attraction to your arsenal of Office Tricks is a smart move. I bet a positive attitude, an open mind and believing great things will come your way will do wonders in the workplace. Happy working!

*Which I do. If I’m not on Tumblr or Weheartit. 

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  1. I think LOA works wonder for this. And as you mentioned; don’t wait for people to notice you, tell them what you want. I would have never dreamed that my boss would pay for my lovely wine course, but I told them I was super interested and they did <3

  2. ik wacht zo met smart op je 2e e-book.

    verder: op het moment dat ik de LOA ging toepassen op mn werk kreeg ik opeens kansen en had ik het meer naar m’n zin. begon ik de voordelen te zien van waar ik nu werk.

    is het mijn droombaan? wellicht niet. maar er is hier een fijne sfeer, en ik kan het prima combineren met de rest van mijn hobbies

    1. Wat fijn dat je het nu leuker vind op je werk, Des! En dat laatste vind ik een supergoede instelling, heel positief. Goed bezig. <3

  3. Ik had het met het solliciteren voor mijn huidige baan, nu bijna 20 maanden geleden. Ik wist gewoon dat die baan voor mij was. En dat werd het ook. Nog nooit ben ik zo gelukkig geweest met mijn werk.

  4. Ja, hier kan ik me helemaal in vinden! Ik ben nu bezig om vanuit mijn Wajong positie een opleiding te beginnen op een speciale school. En waarschijnlijk gaat dat lukken. En ook al ben ik doodsbang, go LOA. 🙂