Law of Attraction Workshop! Dec 1st.

Inspired by the enthusiasm I always get about the Law of Attraction on my website, I’ve decided to throw together a Law of Attraction Workshop on December First at my place. For anyone who isn’t caught up in Sinterklaas Madness or whatever, how about getting the complete 411 on Self Help Hipster’s Manifesting and Law of Attraction Lessons?

  • It will be from 13:00 to 16:00 (but I might keep going because I can’t seem to shut up sometimes)
  • It’s going to be at my own place in Rotterdam. Which means I’m going to need to see some evidence that you’re not psychotic/a potential stalker. Just FYI.
  • The fee is going to be 25 euros
What will I teach? I’m basically going to open up my entire cabinet of tricks. This includes but is not limited to:
  • The basic mindset
  • Vibration Explanation
  • Manifesting Processes
  • Helpful boosters
  • More advanced tricks

We are also going to practice together (obviously!) and there will be time to ask questions. If necessary I’ll help you figure out how to overcome some hurdles you struggle with. During I will serve tea, some green juice and healthy treats. Afterwards, you will all receive a PDF with the lecture notes.

ALERT: I can take a maximum of 12 people at my dining room table. If fewer want to to attend, I will still teach the workshop if I have 6 submissions.

Anyway, that’s that. I am very excited! Send me an e-mail at if you want to join!

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  1. That’s so awesome and it is really too bad I have to work that weekend. I promised my collegue to work for him that weekend.. Now I notice there are these awesome things to do that first weekend of December (I have to miss a free barrista workshop by Alpro as well).

  2. Pleaaase record it and post it on your blog! i’m an aspiring LoA ‘believer’ (?) and living in Hong Kong and I don’t want to miss out!
    Thanks and love your blog,
    Samantha xx

    1. So, awesome… Hong fucking Kong! Look at your reach there, Lianne! Ikzelf moet overslaan, heb die week ervoor 6 interviews, en die week erna een gastcollege dat ik moet voorbereiden. En ik moet ook nog heel veel pepernoten eten *schrijft bij op to do-list*. Wel kick ass, wellicht een volgende keer!

  3. Superleuk! Alleen jammer dat ik niet in de buurt woon ): en dat ik sowieso moet werken, anders was ik nog wel gaan treinen. Too bad ): nou ja, volgende keer beter!

  4. Same here! Lijkt me echt geweldig, maar ik zit in Australië dus dat wordt lastig. Mocht je nog een workshop geven in januari (dan ben ik voor een maandje thuis…), meld ik me nu alvast aan!