Law of Attraction: The ‘You’ Radio.

Now, while you’re off trying to be happy, let’s take a closer look to the Universe and how you’re the radio channel that he’s listening to. The Universe responds to what you say, do, think and feel. Empathis on feel, because it is the most important thing in the list. That’s why I’m hounding you on being happy. More on that soon.

Now, you’ve got to keep in mind, you are the only point of information for The Universe:

The Universe tuned into your program. It’s not interested in your mother’s ideas of how you should keep your weight under control. It doesn’t hear the things your friends are saying about your lame dating life. It doesn’t care about your co-workers who seem to have an awesome life. To the Universe, everything but you is static.

Second, as mentioned before: the Universe is an impartial dude. He (it?) doesn’t know it’s considered exceptional to want to be unhappy, unhealthy or working in a dead-end job. It just works with what it gets and if it’s that, well, that’s what you get. You get more of what you think about, feel strongly about or keep behaving towards. That’s why obsessing over the bad stuff in life is reaaaalllly bad idea.

This is why the Law of Attraction, despite common belief, is NOT the liberation of personal responsibility. It doesn’t say ‘you don’t have to do anything anymore, everything will come to you’. It’s not Β “Let God Take The Wheel” type of deal. It’s the absolute opposite: YOU are the one who is in complete control, you’re the one that’s supposed to take the wheel: you drive. Which means you’re the one that wins when you race over the finish line, but also that you’re to blame when the car crashes. That may sound a little scary, but it’s actually a good thing.

You’ll be surprised how seriously you take your life when you realize it’s completely yours to direct, in all ways.

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  1. “You’ll be surprised how seriously you take your life when you realize it’s completely yours to direct, in all ways.”

    That. So true. <3

  2. Hi!

    I got here from the website of Annemerel, so I’m glad she recommended you. I am also a psychologist in Holland and I really love the topic you’re writing about. So I’m definitely going to follow your blog. I myself like to write as well, so I started a blog about accomplishing 101 goals in 1001 days. At the moment it’s not really up to date, but posts will keep on coming. I hope the same will be for this blog, because I like what and how you write!

    1. Annemerel is such a dollface, glad you found me through her. I am planning to write at least daily, but for this weekend I had no Internet connection (and no way of getting it without really inconveniencing everything and everyone around me, lol) but now I do, so get ready. πŸ˜‰