Law of Attraction: The right frequencies

As I explained in Law of Attraction: the ‘You’ Radio – The Universe tunes into you as if you were a station that plays its favorite songs. Next, the Universe starts playing those songs to you, over and over again. That’s why you gotta make sure you’re playing the right songs for The Universe to enjoy, and for the Universe to play back to you!

How you’re feeling is the main indicator for The Universe to respond to. Your thoughts and actions count too, but mostly because of the feelings you attach to it. You can think and do positively all you want: if you don’t feel it, it’s not going to do anything for you. You gotta feel it, man. Hence, my ‘Be Happy’ post. If you’re happy, the Universe knows on which level it should operate: you’re attracting happy, positive things.

Now, there are a couple of frequencies that work wonders with attracting happy things. I mean, seriously. Like throwing TNT in a bathtub of glitter.

This is the basic one. If you can feel happy most of the time, you’re already doing a pretty good job. It’s not always easy, and it comes more natural to some than others, but to install a general sense of happiness is setting yourself up for success, because your happiness attracts more things that make you happy.

Now this is a very, very effective frequency for attracting good things in your life. I mean: VERY. If you manage to feel grateful for the things you already have in your life, you’re sending a huge boost towards The Universe: “Thank you for all these awesome things”, which The Universe interprets as “Hey! This person has a lot to be grateful for! Let’s give more to be grateful for!” Hence, sending you even more great things.

This is why people keep ‘gratitude’ journals, why Gala Darling writes articles called ‘Things I Love Thursday‘ in which she writes down everything she’s grateful for that week. This is why the people who are most grateful for what they already have continuously have even more wonderful things crossing their path. I’m not kidding. This works like a fucking charm.

If you can manage to feel excited about life most of the time, you’re sending off a very interesting message to the Universe. If you’re happy and motivated to go out and do things, go to work and have a great day, the Universe goes: “Hey. You’re really excited about things. You like exciting things. I like how excited you are about things. I’m going to give you more exciting things to be excited about.”

I’m not saying you should lose your freaking mind over the fact you’re going to the grocery store (but if you like it a lot, go nuts!) but it’s very rewarding to be excited about all the things you get to do: you’ll get even more fun things to do!

Go through life with a sense of curiosity, a sort of bright-eyed “I wonder what will happen next!” Curiosity is a very innocent, good thing to feel: it’s also very neutral and to The Universe, it sends off a message of trust. By being curious, you show that you believe The Universe wishes you only good things: only good things will show up. No wonder you’re curious what will cross your path next. So be curious: you’re bound to have interesting things show up!

This one took the longest for me to fully understand, because I did not understand how it could help me attract good things if I did things for other people. But when I got to into it, next to gratitude and excitement, I’ve found this to one of the most powerful for me.

When you do good things for other people, without expecting anything in return, because it makes you feel good, your frequency is: “I give good things to others. I want good things for other people. I want good things for myself.” Because you’re giving, the Universe will be giving.

So basically, you should try to implement happiness, gratitude, excitement, curiosity, and altruism into your daily diet of emotions. How can you do that?

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  1. Very clear post, well written. Just wondering though; how do you manage on a daily basis? Theory is known and proven to be effective, as far as I’m concerned, but I get to much caught up in “life” sometimes to keep this up. Any tips?

  2. Loving this new website! I’m usually too lazy to leave replies to blogposts (bad habit of mine..), so this comment is just to let you know that I’m reading everything and loving it 🙂 Keep up the good work! xxxx