Law of Attraction: the emotional approach.

As can be derived from the previous idea of “like attracts like” and the cognitive idea of the Law of Attraction, the same ‘attracting’ takes place with your emotions. The emotions you have now, attract more similar emotions, or something to make the feeling more intense.

That’s why when you wake up feeling cranky, you might feel like shit throughout the entire day, continuously finding things to feel bad about. That’s why when you wake up happy, your day is likely to great because things just keep popping up you feel positive about.

I can really only explain it by telling you how this works for me.

When I’m really happy after a great weekend with my boyfriend, I start appreciating everything else more too; I start feeling even more thankful for and happy about my amazing family, my incredibly best friend and all the other dear friends I have. I start feeling (even) more excited about going to work (which I’m already pretty excited for in my usual state – I’m like a fucking Labradoodle). I feel more motivated to do yoga, to take care of myself and I’m usually very inspired to write. I just jump around as a whole bunch of great emotions. 

I’ve also noticed that when I’m upset about something, suddenly anger, jealousy, sadness and stress are just around the corner. I suddenly feel angry over something my boyfriend has said, I am jealous of a girl with a Two-Icecream-Scoop Butt, I can’t deal with my workload anymore – everything suddenly is so much harder.

That’s not to say you are not allowed to be sad or angry, just that you should never wallow. Always turn your attention to things that make you feel good. You don’t have to be a happy camper 24/7 (but if you can be: all the more power to you) but it’s in your own best interest to work towards a happy emotional state.

Negative feelings, such as anger, sadness, irritation, envy, jealousy and dissapointment, breed more negative emotions while positive feelings such as happiness, excitement, gratitude and feeling joy breed more positive feelings. What this means is that it’s important to keep your focus on the positive when it comes to your emotion. So (try to) feel happy. Whistle on the street, be cheerful and feel that inner happiness as often as you can. It will definitely help your life. More soon.

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