Law of Attraction: Simple Exercises

Welcome to a lovely Monday morning. We might have school, or work, other dreary tasks ahead of us today, but you know what? It can still be a wonderful day. So how would you like me to brighten up the first day of the week with a few delighful (and easy!) exercises to invite the things you want into your life?

Because the Law of Attraction is not complicated quantum physics, it’s basically just deciding what you want, goofing around and then allowing it. Honestly. The only reason there are so many books about it and people like me jabbering on and on is because it’s simply too hard to believe it can be so simple. However, here are some ways just as it was supposed to be: Fun & Simple. Enjoy!

  • Write down lists of what you want everywhere. All over the place. In your phone as composed text messages or notes, on your iPad or iPod, scribbled on post-its in your office drawers, notebooks all over your house, a sheet of paper under your bed. The more, the better: the more you make, the more likely you end up forgetting about some of the lists, which results in not thinking about it, which results in manifesting like a motherf…I mean, madman. (I still find lists from months if not years ago and more often than not I think ‘dude, I have that now!’)
  • When you get ready in the morning, write what you want for the day on the condensed walls of the shower or the foggy bathroom mirror. I do this all the time and it sets out a wonderful intention for the rest of your day.
  • Teach yourself to start thinking in sentences like ‘I want…(a new coffee maker/boyfriend/Nobel prize’) or ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if…(I met at least one awesome new person today?/I kicked ass at work today?/If I had a great day?’ Try thinking like that, making it a habit to just ask for things through simple thought. Without being consciously aware of it, you’re asking for things at a higher frequency and the Universe Delivery System will get little pings every time you do. Your success rate of manifesting is bound to go up, exactly because it’s just simply thinking about it.
  • Have a 5 minute session of imagining you have all the things you want in your life while listening to your favorite songs. Not only is it fun, you will also be reminded of what you want and the happy feeling of having them whenever that song comes on the radio.
  • For this one you’re going to have to find an open-minded friend who is also into manifesting and the Law of Attraction. Have a play-pretend 10-minute conversation with your friend like you already have all the things you want. Talk about everything you want to attract like you already have it. For instance, I’d tell my friend about the fun people I met at my latest book signing and how great my workshops have been going. You might tell your friend about the standing ovation you received after your performance or about the successful money-making app you launched! Just set a timer, sit down with each other and be really into it. You will jump back into life with enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose, I promise.
  • If you don’t have a friend who’s into that sort of stuff (or you still feel kind of silly doing that, which I understand too), send an e-mail to an imaginary friend instead about how great your life is with everything you manifested into it. Use your own e-mail adress or just compose a draft, telling your imaginary friend all about how your life looks with all the awesome things you attracted into it. Works like a charm too — without the risk of people thinking you’re a loon ;).

Alright, I’m off to the real life with work and all that. Hope you have a great Monday and that you try the exercises! Let me know what you think (and how you liked them)!

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  1. “I still find lists from months if not years ago and more often than not I think ‘dude, I have that now!’)”

    yes yes yes yes!! herkenbaaaaaar!

  2. I have books filled with writings where I imagine I have what I want. Perfect to reread every now and then and indeed, to see how much closer I am or how much of it has already come true.

  3. Sounds so good!
    As I don’t have any friends who are into this stuff, i’ve written a letter on instead of the conversation exercise. Curious what’ll happen.

  4. When you get ready in the morning, write what you want for the day on the condensed walls of the shower or the foggy bathroom mirror.

    Love this!

  5. thanks for the tip.Law of attraction works like a charm.The best part was i found the law at work in the lives of those who are not aware of this phenomenon,and yet it is happening.Like discussed in the secret,it is like gravity,it is always at work even if are aware of it or not.may everyone attract all the good things in life.

  6. YES the law of attraction works just last December I wanted a IPad mini really really badly I didn’t get it until January 19 2013 I WON the lottery I won $750 on a $1bet and I know $750 it’s that much money but it is if you are a eleven year old girl so I got what I wanted and when I look around wow over the years I’ve gotten everything I wanted because I thought about how much I wanted it

    So use the law of attraction and to learn more about this go to youtube a watch

    The Secret
    It’s a very good movie that will teach you every thing you want to know

  7. is it possible/recommended to visualize a specific object or person? or is it better to generalize.

    For example: I feel empowered by the Ferrari I own , I am in a happy relationship with John Doe. or should they be more general like: I feel empowered (even if I really want that ferarri), or I am in a happy relationship (even if id like to be in that with a specific person)?

    So my question is in general should you be more specific or not. will specificity make your range smaller or will it make your energy more focused and heightened?