Law of Attraction: Setting the right frequency, part I.

Before I’m getting into the whole business of attracting specifics, attracting certain situations, objects or people, I first want to get a little more into setting yourself up for success. If you’re  already using the right emotions for the Law of Attraction, everything else is going to be easier. Let’s set up the right frequencies first:

If you’re not feeling good, THAT is what you’re going to have to fix. It’s not an issue to fix when you’ve attracted the right body, the right job or the right relationship; you’re going to have to fix that, now. If you can’t do that, I can almost guarantee you the Law of Attraction is only going to frustrate you, however badly you might want to attract something, however awesome you can visualize, etc. Get happy first, and then work with the Law of Attraction. I’m not going to tell you any specific instants happy-things, such as cuddling kittens (that comes later) but here’s my main message for feeling good in general.

Lead an active lifestyle: There is nothing that causes depression quite like a passive lifestyle. Nothing makes mankind more unhappy than doing nothing. All the while, there are very little people who are active yet grouchy and unhappy. So do things! Whether it’s work, exercise, going to see a friend, clean the apartment, read to your nephew or do groceries, do not get caught into passivity. Activity is key to happiness –  Get off the couch. Of course you need time to relax and unwind, in which case it’s fine to just sit and do nothing for a bit, but you’ll soon find being active can make you a lot happier and relaxed.

Smile: You can find 10 scientific reasons to smile here (click) but smiling is literally a cheap trick to release chemicals into your brain that positively alter your mood. So smile. A lot. You’ll be surprised – little injections of happiness administered so easily.

Exercise: All the great neurotransmitters go nuts for a half hour run, a fitness session or a bike ride. Proven to be one of the best ways to fight off depression, restlessness and frustrations, obviously it’s good for your emotional well-being to exercise (as well as your butt).

Give up coffee: Radical thought. Especially since I myself am quite a caffeine junkie. But coffee works your adrenal glands like a stripper works the pole (click here for entertaining info on that) and that can leave you exhausted and panicked. When you’re already easily stressed, coffee is a bad idea. A cup of Joe every once in a while can’t hurt, but administering buttloads of caffeine to your system everyday will make you feel tightly wound (yet you can’t figure out why) unhappy and stressed.

This is basic stuff. This is how to install a general sense of well-being, an easy state of ‘normal’ feeling good, which you’re going to need in order to function optimally anyway, but which is a necessity to work with the Law of Attraction also. If you got this frequency all set, you’re well on your way but you can start buzzing at higher levels too. Read on.

As I said in previous article, gratitude is a big thing in the Law of Attraction. Biiiig thing. Being thankful is a good quality on its own, but by practicing and feeling gratitude, you invite even more things to be grateful for into your life. It’s a huge boost to the Universe: you’re pretty much giving it a compliment on how great it’s doing for you. And everyone likes to be complimented, no?  Here’s how you could practice gratitude.

Gratitude journal: Write down things you’re grateful for. I usually write down between ten and fifteen things, ranging from ‘a new computer game’ to ‘hearing I Love You’.

Think in ‘Thank You’s: I do this all the time; it’s basically just thinking a very ecstatic ‘thank you thank you thank you!’  whenever something great happens. When I just caught the bus at the very last minute, when I hear fantastic news about a friend, when I get a free cookie: I have a thank you party in my head.

Expressing gratitude towards loved ones: It’s very nice of your mother to cook you dinner, you know? And it’s quite considerate of your boyfriend to ask you if you need a ride home from work. Just like it’s attentive of your co-worker to point out your new pretty dress. So say ‘thank you’. Let people know you are grateful for the good things they say and do.

Caroline commented in the article below that she sometimes gets caught up in ‘life’ (girl, don’t I know it), wondering how one could prevent this, working with the Law of Attraction on a daily basis?

Well, for one thing it’s habit and training! For example, setting aside 5 minutes a day to focus on the things that you want, on how you want to feel and what you want to do can make a big difference. Over breakfast, while you’re traveling to work, before you go to bed: there’s always five minutes. And you can always build up from there, to longer periods of time or to bigger, deeper exercises!

But if there is one thing I want to remind you of is that it’s totally okay to ‘forget’ about the Law of Attraction as you go about your day. You don’t have to keep it in mind 24/7, in fact you shouldn’t! A big part of the Law of Attraction actually states you should let go (more on that soon) which is why it’s perfectly fine to not be occupied by it all the time. So spend some time during the day to focus on what you want, but don’t worry you’re not constantly communicating with The Universe Delivery System. Just feel good, that’s the most important thing.

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  1. Thank you so much for adding the paragraph! Made me think I should start using my “order book” as a daily exercise. It’s usually all in my head now, so using this as the 5 min exercise may “ground” it better. Thanks again!

  2. I am grateful for how detailed your article is about how we need to start with ourselves first and for a very good reason. The reason being if we are happy everyone around us will be encouraged. Thank you!!