Law of Attraction: Set Up The Delivery System.


If you know what you want and want to have a loyal companion in aiding you to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams and get the things you’ve always wanted to have, it’s time to take a few more steps to use the Law of Attraction. Let’s get your delivery system set up for some serious cosmic ordering.

Decide What You Want (And More Importantly, How You Want It To Feel)

You want a great relationship? Okay. What makes the relationship so great? What do you want to be able to do with your partner? What type of personality does he/she have to have? What sort of things are absolutely necessary for you to be blissfully happy?

You want a gorgeous pair of expensive shoes? Okay. So: How high is the heel, what color? What brand? On scale of Fuzzy Slipper to Torture Device, how comfortable are they?

The more details the better. I’ve written a couple of articles about deciding what you want before (.) & (.) JBy being clear, there can be no misunderstandings between you and The Universe Delivery Service.

Ask For It

You can read the best ways of asking for it here (.). Write it down, make a wish list, ask it silently, picture it in your mind as vividly as possible.

Take Inspired Action

I’m sorry, but I will be the absolute LAST person to tell you that you can just sit on your ass all day and let good things happen to you whenever you use the Law of Attraction! Sure, some things start flowing naturally when you’re working with it, but most of the time you need to put your money where your mouth is.

I mean, come the fuck on, people! What writer would ever have gotten bestselling novels if they’d never penned down one word? What successful business woman would ever have become millionaire if they hadn’t started up their business? How do you expect to become a great athlete if you never so much as put on your running shoes? Exactly. 

So, you want Louboutins? Get a jar and put in all the cash in your wallet for your I Love Louboutin Fund. You want to make a million? How about applying for a job and making those 100 dollars first. You want a wonderful relationship? Well…break off your shitty one, love yourself like mad and start flirting with those sexy eyes of yours.

(Pssst…and before you know it, you get a bonus to boost your Sexy Shoe Savings Account. Or you find an on-line shop where those gorgeous heels cost less than in other places. And before you know it, someone you’ve known for a while starts showing interest in you romantically. Or you learn you have so much in common with a co-worker that a date to discuss this would be fun. Basically, before you know it, The Universe starts dropping its wonderful gifts.) 

Allow It in Your Life

This is a hard thing to do and where a lot of Attracting goes wrong. The more you cling, the more you obsess over that you might not get it, the less you’re allowing. The more you worry about whether or not you will get the things you ask for, the more you create a vibe of lacking, of not having enough. See where this is going.

This allowing means that you have complete faith in that you will get what you ask for. This can perhaps takes a while (and a little practice with the Law of Attraction!) before you can feel that faith. Believe deeply that you will get the things you want. They will come to you. Trust.

It also means that you have to cease the opportunities available to you. So that when you get offered a job when you’ve asked for money: you take it. So that when a sweet guy asks for your number when you’ve asked for a great relationship, you give the man your number! Who knows what might happen! The Universe knows better than you do anyway, so you might as well take it up on its offers.

That’s it for today, class! See you later.

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  1. “The more you cling, the more you obsess over that you might not get it, the less you’re allowing. The more you worry about whether or not you will get the things you ask for, the more you create a vibe of lacking, of not having enough. ”

    Thanks for reminding me of this.

  2. Yeah… would you go on a date with me?
    No seriously, I love this stuff so much. I even bought a paperblank to work with all of this, also went to the library to get some books about the things you write, but I like your articles so much better. Do you have booktips, for a future article maybe?

    1. Maybe I should start doing one-on-one sessions for free coffee, starting with you! Books post coming up, and I’ll keep the articles coming too! I’m very happy you’re liking it so much. <3