Law of Attraction: Project Penny.

The last thing I absolutely have to share with you is my experience with manifesting money, which I had affectionally named Project Penny. It was inspired by Steve Pavlina’s post ‘How to Manifest Money’ (.) in which he described a little game he unintentionally created when he started to focus on manifesting money. When he first started, firmly believing he could in fact manifest money, he started to find pennies on the ground. Now, pennies aren’t really that much money so he didn’t really put 2 and 2 together, but when it came to the point he started to find pennies every time he left the house, he decided to see if he could take it from pennies to other coins. He could. He even taught it to his daughter (.) , who sucked at first, but became increasingly good at it!

Around the beginning of October, I read these articles. I always like the idea of starting small, so I decided to start trying manifesting coins myself. I wanted to manifest any coin, except 5 cents, and I put a plate near my desk to put those coins. I was curious to see what would happen, but not really attached to the outcome. Which is always a good place to be in when it comes to attracting things.

A couple of days later, I came into my class room and to my amazement there was something where I usually put the Smart Board Eraser: 

A guitar chip. No, it was not a coin. Yet. But it was exactly what had happened to Steve Pavlina’s daughter when they started to play the coin finding game.

I loved it. It wasn’t as if it was on the floor and I randomly found it; this guitar chip was there, placed right in front of my nose, for me to take. No matter who had put it there, it had been put there. All I had to do was take it. I laughed and put the guitar chip in my pocket. A few weeks after that, I would give the guitar chip to my brother who had gotten an electrical guitar for his birthday. Coincidence? Pssh!

At first I found them mostly in my room, in old backpacks and purses I hadn’t used for a while. I found them in some other places too: vending machinesIt wasn’t as if I experienced the proverbial rain of coins, but I did find them more. I think approximately a week after I found the guitar chip, the plate in my room looked like this:

I wish I had a picture of how the plate looked at the end of October, because there was about 15 euros in coins on the plate by that time. It’s really too bad I let my attention slip: work, writing and family came to the front of my mind and I kind of forgot about Project Penny. Occasionally I’d find a coin, but didn’t really think twice about it anymore.

There was one moment in Project Penny that was so beyond coincidental that I zoned from ‘It works pretty well’ right into ‘Crazy Law of Attraction Lady’.

I was walking towards the exit of the subway station when this guy came running through the ports, obviously in a rush to catch his subway. When he was only a couple of meters away from me, he lost loose change out of his pockets: a coin rolled over the tiles…and stopped right in front of my feet.

I picked it up, it was fifty cents, originally to give it back to the guy but he was in such a rush he had already run right down the stairs towards his subway train. So there I was, with a coin in my hand, and I knew this was yet another sign of how awesome and cool the Law of Attraction really is.

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  1. I’m always afraid that I have a negative vibe when I want to attract things, especially when i’m conscious of it. You know that I ask too much, or something like that. It’s difficult to explain what I mean, hope it’s a bit clear 😉

    btw, I really love to read your posts!

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, you should teach yourself you never ask for too much: you’re worth everything you want to have. Never think differently from now on!

      1. Hello not sure this is too relevant however around a year ago i had a thought and it was simply this, i wanted to achieve something financially (nothing amazing) i had tried several times in the past to achieve things financially but being on a single income with many bills and not much disposable income had usually meant i had dreamed of instant riches and quick money that never came, i had a thought one evening though and it was this ” that even a dripping tap would eventually fill a bath” and it occurred to me that there could be some mileage in that philosophy, around the same time i found a penny on the street and i thought this is my start.
        What i hadn’t bargained on however was not just the token financial reward i had found but also the sheer joy it brought, i have since found other coins of small value with both regularity and in the strangest of places at the most apt times and each one has given me uplifting joy as well as taking coincidence to a whole new almost scary level, the value of my special coins is currently irrelevant the lesson i am learning and the joy i get with each find is priceless, i’m learning to measure wealth on so many levels now especially spiritual and emotional wealth.\o/

  2. I just finished reading “The secret” last week. We are moving and I had manifested the only apartment of the size that we wanted-out of about 130 of them-over the previous ten weeks, probably because I kept visualizing it! This week I realized that I was getting a “penny manifestation”-which I know can happen under a number of circumstances but the pennies had an added trait: dates that are significant to me! The oddest two are a 1959 D (yes!)-the year that I started 1st grade, and a 1976, the year I had my first “home” and met my husband-and these were found about an hour apart plus one of them definitely wasn’t where I found it 15 minutes earlier. One of them had been laying in its spot for a day and I’d been ignoring i. I have been focusing on abundance so I can’t wait to see what ccurs!