Law of Attraction: no more ‘No’ for you!

I’m going to say something crazy now, but this crazy might make it a lot clearer to you why exactly you should not focus on the negatives.

Weird, right? Well..

To me, it makes total sense. When I was a kid, I read a psychology book that told me our brains don’t process the word ‘no’ as adequately as you’d think. In fact, our brain ignores ‘no’ and ‘nots’ a lot of the time. That’s why when your mom tells you to not forget your gym shoes from your locker…you end up forgetting your gym shoes from your locker. You take in all the information, except the negative. That’s why I’ve taught everyone around me to say ‘remember to’ instead of ‘don’t forget’. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes.

The Universe has the same malfunction. It notices is what you pay attention to, such as the fat body you don’t want to get, the loneliness you don’t want to feel,  the problems you don’t want to have. See what’s happening there? Within an instant you are thinking of a fat body, loneliness and problems. Even though you may read the ‘no’, you are not actively taking it into account and changing it into what you do want.  You think of a fat body, loneliness and problems. That is your focus. And what you focus on, you will attract. You’re not suddenly seeing a thin body, friendship&love or solutions. The ‘no’ in the sentence does not magically rework the entire sentence.

The Universe doesn’t  do that either. It doesn’t notice negatives, it just notices what you think of, what you focus on. What you pay attention to, energy flows towards.

I don’t want to be late = I want to be right on time.

I don’t want to look like shit anymore = I want to look great.

I don’t want to be fat = I want to be thin.

I don’t want a shitty relationship = I want a healthy and happy relationship.

The thoughts you think, along with the images that spring to mind, send messages. They are -apparently- your focus and the Universe delivers. Learn to focus on the positives and what you want. Try to think in ‘no’ and ‘not’ statements as little as possible and when you catch yourself doing it, immediately follow it by a positive statement, by a thought about what you do want.

By changing the way you phrase, you take the right words and images for your mind and the Delivery System to work with.

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  1. Hey, I had a little question on this one (if you still check the comment on older articles at least)
    When anwsering the questions on what you (for example) seek in a relationship, can you still say things in the negative? Like I wrote “when we fight, it’s NOT for long and we always make up” and “We NEVER try to hurt eachother”

    I think these thing really define a good relationship and it’s really neccesary to write that in my ‘expectations’ , but if you can’t write in the negative it’s really hard.

    Would you know about that?