Law of Attraction: My Personal Tricks

If you ever want to give your manifesting a little boost, here’s some tricks I use and that work great for me. I completely understand you think of me as a complete whack job who sits around with her eyes closed visualizing all the time, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to combine it with a real life. Or at least pretend you are by keeping your eyes open while you’re doing it. Anyway, here’s my personal favorite ways to be a Law of Attraction Positive Magnet.

  • I always think of things I want as if they’re still on their way to me. I never think “I don’t have that”. I always think of things I want as already coming, just not here yet.
  • I visualize opening my hands and see the things just falling into them. If the things I want are events or things that don’t fit into my open hands (such as computers, people or pink elephants), I like to visualize glitter or rainbows*.
  • I reread my Universal Grocery Lists whenever I’m bored, evoke a feeling of happiness & then go do something else.
  • I pretend I can feel myself buzzing with the right positive emotions and high frequencies to get everything I want.
  • I imagine there’s all this tingling, sparkly energy just stuck in my entire body, on my skin, in my heart, in my mouth and on my face, so that everything I do, think, say and feel reflects the right things and what I want from my life and  the Universe.
  • Whenever something GREAT happens during the day that I really didn’t see coming, I smile and literally think: “Holy Shit, Universe, that’s amazing! I can’t wait to see what you incredible surprise you drop on me next!”

*Shut up, okay? I just have a lot of feelings. 

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