Law of Attraction: Making it real, step one.

In previous posts, I basically said: “Go forth and figure out what you want from life”. I then said: “Go forth and if you don’t know what you want yet, answer these questions and see what you find.” (1). I followed up with: “Still not sure? Well, use your emotions as your radar. Go forth on that!” (2).  Now I say: “Come on. Let’s get going.” 

The first step to make it real is to write it down. Writing things down is a really powerful way of setting an intention: you want it, you’re going to get it. Just the intention alone can make a world of difference in how close you will get to it. So grab a notebook, open a Word Document, find a napkin and start writing things down. Write down what you’d like to have, what you’d like to do, what you’d like to be. Experts (Mike Dooley, Rhonda Byrne)  say it ‘s best to write in present tense, as if it’s already in your life, as if you already have it. That could look a little bit like this: 

But…it doesn’t have to look like this. You can also write them down as goals (“by 2012, I want…), make a vision board with quotes, whatever you feel sets your strongest intention Whatever makes you feel happiest, most energized and excited. Mine, actually looks like this:

Jessica Mullen’s Universal Grocery List inspired me to start writing down grocery lists of things I want, the above being the example of what I wanted most a few weeks back. For me, this is one of the best techniques. I like to brainstorm and make a list of things I want to manifest, buy, create or do that day/week/month, etc.

Go write things down and see what inspires you most! The technique that fills you with the most excitement is probably the right technique for you. Or just use a couple; I have both lists as a vision board myself, and I have those lists writting in college notepads, Moleskines, loose papers, anything.

Do whatever you want, as long as you start putting on paper what you want. Make it visual. For you to read, for you to see. From there, you start attracting it into your reality.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That’s an interesting way of turning it around. I think the vision board would be most interesting to me, since I already write so much that words – however much I feel for them – won’t stick to my mind. Making it visual (and visible!) is a great idea!