Law of Attraction Lecture The 26th!

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So what happened was, after this post in which I said this:

“Now, for anyone who would still love to sign up for a Law of Attraction Workshop and be one of my dining room table buddies: More than welcome to reserve a spot already! Just send an email to because I plan to do another one in January with only 8 spots (I feel like little groups are my thing for now)”

Within a week or two all eight spots were booked. Holy cow, right? But you know how it goes, people (yours truly included) have busy lives with both pleasure and business shenanigans, and so now it turns out 5 6 of them weren’t able to make it anymore when the official date rolled around and got closer. Which means, spots opened back on up! And if you want to and have next Saturday available, you are totally and cordially invited to spend it with me.

What will I teach? I’m basically going to open up my entire cabinet of tricks. This includes but is not limited to:
  • The basic mindset
  • Vibration Explanation
  • Manifesting Processes
  • How to get specific things
  • Helpful boosters
  • More advanced tricks

What will we do? Last time people said I could implement a little more practice and so that’s what I’m going to do. This will include but it’s open for suggestion:

  • Gratitude- & Universal Lists
  • Figuring out your main obstacle
  • And trying to tackle that
  • Energy (or for the more down to earth people: Mood)
  • Manifesting Exercises

And obviously  we’re going to have a good afternoon with tea and green juice and what not. So if that sounds like a plan and you want to join, please drop me an e-mail at and we’ll get things sorted to save you a seat! I for one am very happy I get to do this again, and I hope to see you very soon!

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  1. Looking forward to it allready 🙂 I’m happy a spot (or multiple…) opened up. BTW, does this include the lecture notes? If not, would you advice us to buy them or would that be superfluous?

  2. Had me erg leuk en nuttig geleken, maar ik moet dan op school zijn i.v.m. de open dag. De volgende keer ben ik erbij (als ik dan kan tenminste)!