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Saturday I did something I have always wanted to do. I mean, if the world is going to end in a few weeks, we might as well check off some items of our Before I Die Lists, non?

So I gave a workshop/lecture. An actual real one. About a topic that is dear to my heart and as natural to me as breathing: the Law of Attraction. Using it to help you, make you happier and attract the things you want into your life. Yes, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to do it. Yes, it was in my own dining room. Yes, I did my own catering. 😉 But how cool was that these first eight people were willing to come to my house, sit at my dining room table with me to listen to me talk about something that I love. Answer, very.

I was a little nervous beforehand, but the moment people started ringing my doorbell I just started to feel excited: Ready to get going! I had a supergood time. The eight who attended were all so different yet everyone wanted to know more about this whole positive thinking Law of Attraction business. It was cool: Everyone brought their own perspective to the table. Great people and good group dynamics.

I talked about the Law of Attraction until my voice almost gave out, we discussed important details, issues and aspects of manifesting and there was a lot of fun interaction between everyone. We drank tea, green juice (some for the very first time ever!) and I had made raw chocolate and veggie platters to go round. (A. brought chocolate from Lof Der Zoetheid, so obviously he could do no more wrong after that).

What I loved most is that there was complete consensus they wanted to do this again in 6 months. A reunion/refresher/advanced class of sorts. I guess that’s a date then!

They also gave me some excellent feedback to use in the next workshops, I am going to come to Belgium for a repeat if there is enough request and I met some really cool new people. Not too shabby for one of the last Saturday the Mayans say we’re going to have.

I started to transcribe the Lecture Notes on Sunday morning, powered by tea, juice and two cups of coffee. Before I knew it I had almost 12 000 words worth of material on the Law of Attraction. Material that I loved. Material that I wanted to share with more people than just those 8, because I feel it can really help you and get things going!

…Which is why I decided to turn it into an on-line lecture package. Available now on my website & my e-junkie shop. Wanna take a look?

The Law of Attraction Pack includes: 

  • A PDF of almost 12 000 words, 27 pages, filled from top to bottom with great, useable and fun Law of Attraction information & practice. You can put it on your tablet, read it on your computer or print it out and snuggle upon the coach with a cup of tea to enjoy it!
Some Sneak Peeks: 

You can buy the Law of Attraction Lecture Pack on-line now, for 5.50USD. I’ve chosen to use the American Dollars because there were quite some requests for this material from non-Dutchies and I don’t know, I feel it makes it more accesible to everyone from all over the world who reads my blog. Also, the conversion rate is awesome for most currencies. Good for you.

Now, is it weird for the author to tell you that you’ll be getting your money’s worth? It is? I don’t care. I’m telling you anyway. In fact, I’ll do you one better: I think this is the easiest, most practical and most fun thing about the Law of Attraction ever written. And I should know, because I’ve read pretty much everything I could get my hands on when it comes to the Law of Attraction. 😉

Now, for anyone who would still love to sign up for a Law of Attraction Workshop and be one of my dining room table buddies: More than welcome to reserve a spot already! Just send an email to because I plan to do another one in January with only 8 spots (I feel like little groups are my thing for now).

Now don’t worry, it will be even more of a practicing and ‘workshopping’ kind of thing than this first one, so the material you buy now can only enhance our workshop together in the future!

Okay, it’s off to the real world again for me, for as that’s “a thing” in my life anyway. I’m working at the university and doing a lot of stuff in between too. By the way, got an iPhone (so pretty!) and am now an Instagrammer. It’s where you will see the personal ‘diary’ stuff I don’t really do on the website. If you like that type of thing, come follow me!  Have a spectacular day and as I say in the Lecture Notes…Happy Manifesting!


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  1. As one of the people who participated in this first lecture, I can highly recommend signing up for one of the up coming events. It is a truly inspiring session which you can put to good work immediately. I have and it has already paid off big time. And about the lecture notes, Lianne is not kidding. It is a carefully curated collection of all the good stuff that is out there. I can’t wait until I can listen to the lecure notes audiobook on MY NEW IPHONE which was delivered by Steve the universal delivery guy just 5 minutes ago (!) thank you very much.Thanks L. you’re freakin’ me out.

  2. Dear Self Help Hipster,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring afternoon. I couldn’t agree more with Andrew, sign up for one of the next workshops, it’s well worth your trip to Rotterdam! Ms. Self Help Hipster offers a clear and solid outline of the Law of Attraction, no matter whether you’re a beginner or a self help pro. Positive, practical and very interesting with the necessary sarcasm and common sense on the side. Currently asking the universe for some more time to dive into all the wonderful material we received..

    Thanks also to my fellow attendees for honestly sharing your ideas and struggles, It was great to meet you all and I wish you all the best of luck applying these principles!

  3. Ja ja nog een keertje België! Liefst in februari, please universe!

    Ik vind het trouwens heerlijk dat je het ingesproken hebt! Ik hoor zo vaak jouw stem in mijn hoofd door je vlogs (vooral de: you can have that fucking brownie! haha) en dat helpt bij mij echt om daad bij woord te voegen. Dus, yes! Danku! Benieuwd!

  4. Lianne, You inspire me…and reading about your first workshop and new lecture pack just makes me happy! Happy for you that you did this, and for me that I get to read/listen 🙂

    (progress, I stopped making that weird smiley face by accident)