The Law of Attraction: How it works for me, part II

When I was younger, I had the luck of rolling right into jobs I loved. That’s a lot of the Law of Attraction, being at the right place at the right time. You can say it’s a coincidence if you want. I just wonder how I manage to be in the right place at the right time in 90% of all scenarios. That’s quite a percentage for coincidences.
  • I got a job at an art gallery. I could write and read all I want most of the time.
  • I then became a mail-girl. I worked early and had the rest of my Saturday off, which was perfect for me.
  • I landed my first teaching job. I had originally intended to apply somewhere else, but this school desperately needed someone. Although I got in on a very personal recommendation (my dad, who worked at this school and also who believed I would do a good job), I turned out to be good for 20-year old girl.
  • After, I started working as a museum tour guide, which was pretty random. I saw an ad in the paper, send in a letter straight away and got one of the positions. I don’t know what made me apply, but I liked the job. It was at a location I loved  and had so much gorgeous Buddhist, Chinese and Indonesian art. I loved walking around there and telling visitors about the histories.
  • The internship for my Master’s Degree I got pretty randomly too: I sent an application letter, got an e-mail I was rejected, didn’t care and forgot about it. Then I got a call for an interview. one of the chosen applicants had unexpectedly left: my letter was picked from the remaining candidates.
  • Now, I have made clear the intention of what I want I want to do with my life: Teach, Write, Help People. I have a part time teaching job that I love, for which I was one of 12, picked from 24 finalists of 66 letters. In that job, I get to do everything I love, plus it gives me the time to write privately too.


Although the Law of Attraction isn’t really about the material stuff so much, it can absolutely be used for that and I have had some success in this, both trivial little things as bigger things. Sometimes I get something I wanted  as a gift, spot somewhere with a major discount or receive the financial means to get it for myself. What I love about this is that I end up getting almost everything I want. Not instantly (I am still working on the ‘poof!’ factor of the Law of Attraction), but sometimes weeks or months after I have written down what I wanted at that point.

I’ve kept notebooks and lists from when I was about 16 and there is so much stuff on those lists that I’ve managed to cross off in the time that followed. The items were always the ones I felt strongly about: clothes I thought were really beautiful, gadgets I could get excited over and beauty products that evoked a strong sense of luxury and spoiling myself. Books I really wanted to read, too. Stuff like that.

  • The most recent is definitely my apartment. I was browsing through a notebook I wrote in about six months ago: it had the following sentence: “Wouldn’t it be nice if my boyfriend and I lived together in a beautiful apartment with lots of natural light and plently of space?” That really is my apartment now.
  • Same for my dining room. I remember a couple of years back, being at a couple’s house and falling in love with their dining room: open balcony doors, a big dark oak table and some old chairs. It wasn’t until I had exactly the same dining room that I remembered that mental picture I kept and loved so much.
  • I think another great example of attraction was my MacBook. I was always a secret sucker for Apple. One day my computer dies, I mention this to a father of one of the children I babysit and that I really want a MacBook, he tells me he’s flying to the States in three weeks and can bring me one for a better price.
  • Next up is my iPod Touch (another Apple product, are you listening out there, Macintosh?). I bought for my dad while I was in Canada: I immediately loved it so much that the idea of giving it up back home made me a little sad. Back home my dad tried using it, but he didn’t like using the tiny screen, which meant I inherited it straight away.


Now this is where things (can) get ugly. The stupidest thing you can do is attract a certain person instead of the relationship you want. That’s why I’d advise anyone to stay away from using the Law of Attraction for attracting a specific person as their partner. It’s a lot more functional to attract a specific partner you’d like in terms of appearance and personality than to attract that guy who winks at you in the subway. He might be a dick. The Universe is a much better match maker than you are.  

  • When I was 13, I had a big, big crush on a boy. I thought he was perfect and I wanted to have him. Him, specifically. I asked the Universe for him. And when I was 15, I got him. Of course, I had liked other boys in between and even dated some, but I got the boy I had originally wanted to have. But that I got this person did not mean I got the relationship that was good for me. I got the boy I asked for, not the love I needed and should have asked for. He was all wrong for me. He broke my heart.
  • The exact same thing happened when I was 21. You’d think I would have remembered that was a wrong move, but alas. I had a huge crush and after a while, I got the man I had wanted. It was even worse than when I was 16 and it ended even worse than when I was 16.

Now I know it sounds kind of weird to be talking about my boyfriends like I ‘attracted’ them. Of course they had free will and there are more things into play than just ‘asking’ for something. But my strong desire to be with them definitely set into motion the entire sets of events that led them to that point of falling in love with me and their decision to be with me  – even when I was not consciously trying to be with them anymore, it was still being processed, leading to this.

Phew, long post. And yet, still not all, more soon. 

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  1. I freaking love your blog! I read it every day, and every little thing you say sounds so true and inspires me. Keep it going!

    1. And girls like you is why I love doing it so much. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this! Kisses!

  2. herkenbaar, herkenbaar HERKENBAAR!

    Mijn recenste LOA geval: weet je nog die laatste plaatje van mijn moodboard wat nog uit moest komen (bruidsjurk)…:) 🙂

  3. I really like the idea of the Law of Attraction. But, sometimes it is hard to believe when you are looking for THE job. I also am a psychologist by study and am looking for a job to practice it. When you get rejections time after time with the only feedback of “There just were 200 other applications”, it gets tougher to believe you can attract what you want. I know I just have to keep faith and have to keep going strong and I already do, but do you have other tips and recommendations?

    1. Oof, our line of work is so overcrowded right now, ey? I’m going to write an article about what to do when it doesn’t seem to happen, especially for you, okay?! Hang in there, the perfect job is waiting for you, I just know it.