Law of Attraction: Attracting for Newbies!

I know the idea of the Law of Attraction can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a little inexperienced, or little sceptic. I also know that there can be a lot of emotional and mental blocks standing between you and the Cosmic Delivery System when you first start trying: maybe you believe you don’t deserve them, maybe you think that you can’t, maybe deep down you worry it’s too good to be true. And that’s understandable and probably a good thing? Why? Because it makes you start out small and humble and realistic! I mean, You could try manifesting a pet elephant straight away but that’s not likely to work. Plus, it probably won’t fit in your room.ย 

It’s easier to start from a point of things you know. You already know how awesome you feel when you get a good grade, how blissful you feel when you’re having a great night out with friends, how good it feels to have an epic work-out. You know how happy it makes you to hear your partner telling you they love you, when an ASOS package drops in the mail, when you are pampered in a beauty parlor.

You are familiar with the emotional aspect of those things you already have in your life as well as being grateful for already having experienced these things. This will make attracting it easier. After all, emotion is a big deal when it comes to attracting.ย So bring more things you already know into your life! Whether it’s more cute shoes, more fun dates or more good grades, think about all the things you have already experienced that you like to experience more often and try attracting those first. It will be easier than you could imagine!

By adding to things you know, things you’re familiar with, you’re making it very easy for your ย brain to comprehend: it doesn’t have to create and deal with a complete new thing, it can just put an extra layer on previous experiences. A layer of Epic, if you’re doing it right!

What would you like to add to the things in your life? Maybe an extracurricular opportunity to complement your Bachelor Degree, new bonding opportunities for you and your lover, different ways to express your creativity, to boost your health?

You already have a big group of wicked friends? Attract ways to become even closer and have more fun. You have a sport you love to do? Attract fun, new different ways to practice it. Add new layers that deepen your connection with them and that make it even more fun and magical.

It can be a little daunting to manifest complete new things, such as an amazing relationship while you’re single, a billion-dollar enterprise when you’re broke or a perfect ass when you’re not very active. Because you know so little of it, it’s hard to feel and may be a little hard to manifest. So start small!

Manifest details. Attract an awesome person you would just love to talk to. Attract a job so you know what it’s like and you can learn about business. Attract small ways to become healthier (and get towards that perfect butt). By starting small, you create confidence from which you can create bigger, different things.

By starting with the little things, by using what you know and adding more awesome to everything, you are slowly and steadily teaching yourself to create and manifest cool things into your life. If you gain confidence and creativity, I think you will astound yourself, me and everyone else to how beautiful you can make your life. Good luck!

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