Law of Attraction: A trick to figure out what you want.

Thinking about what you want can be kind of overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure what you want. I can imagine you might not know, because it’s kind of hard to figure out sometimes. There are so many things to choose from, that it might be confusing. It may seem like a lot of responsibility all at once too. Knowing what I want? You mean, right now? For like, my life? Panic could definitely ensue.

But fear not. First of all, there something awesome that’s known as ‘the Possibility to Change Your Mind’. Gasp. When I was 16, I wanted to be a make-up artist. Yeah, I know. Those poor models. Second, there are very few people who know exactly what they want, from scratch, all of the time, and never doubt themselves. We find out what we want by trying different things. We all question our decisions from time to time. Our desires waver in strength sometimes, because even when you’re doing something you really want you can be down on your luck or unmotivated. We’re human after all.

But you can work through the overwhelming stuff and use a few tricks to know what things you want in life. They help in your quest to figuring out the things you want and it’s very important to be clear on what you want. Because that way, you get it.

When you have a really strong emotional response to something, that’s a clue. The stronger you feel about something, the more it means to you, which indicates a certain desire.

This could be your instant ‘WANT’ response to that skirt you saw on Instagram. How a certain brand appeals to you. How excited you get over hanging out with a certain friend. How much you like doing a certain sport or activity. Things that you are drawn to, even when you don’t know exactly why. The happier something makes you, apparently that’s something for you.

These strong feelings can also be signals when they’re strong in a negative sense. When you feel really unhappy with a certain person, in a certain job position or during a certain activity? Cues all over: telling you you want others things, that you want things differently or that you should move in the complete opposite direction.

And that superjealous feeling you get when someone you know goes somewhere you want to go or does something you want to do? That’s a cue right there. Apparently you really want those things too, otherwise you wouldn’t get so worked up over them. 

Emotions are really strong tells when it comes to our true motives and desires.

So pay attention to whatever feelings you get from certain objects, people, jobs, stimuli, activities and you’re bound to figure out more about yourself and what you want most.

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  1. “Emotions are really strong tells when it comes to our true motives and desires.”.

    Mijn probleem is dat ik ontzettend slecht metm ijng evoel ben. Mijn zusje bijv, voelt heel sterk aan wanneer ze een goede beslissing maakt (of een slechte). Ik niet. Ik maak ook vaak beslissingen vanuit mijn verstand (wat zou het beste zijn).

    Ik probeer het wel te leren. Ook ben ik erachter gekomen dat het onzettend belangrijk is om te weten wat JIJ leuk vindt, ipv wat zo hoort in de maatschappij.

    Ik heb tig lijstje gemaakt in mijn vakantie. En elke x komt 1 onderwerp terug: schrijven.

    weten we dat ook weer