Kris Carr on Crazy Sexy Everything.

I have the attention span of a chihuaha on amphetamines, but I watched this entire thing and learned so much. I admire this woman very much; I think she’s very intelligent, funny, charming and indeed, a revolutionary.  Kris Carr  (book review here) talks so passionately and she brings so many funny jokes, cursewords and anecdotes to the table it makes you think, laugh and it inspires.

I think it’s a lovely speech. Take a little time to watch this, make notes if you like, and if not, just watch this woman be her gorgeous and revolutionary self so you can be yours. 

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  1. Inderdaad heel inspirerend! Ik heb de video helemaal gekeken – wonderbaarlijk, aangezien ik me ook vaak niet zo lang kan concentreren 😉 Bedankt voor het delen!

  2. This is great! By the way – I just got back from my second Birkam Yoga session. I never have done yoga like this before, it is very strange. Makes it easier and harder at the same time!

  3. This made me laugh/cry and made me feel inspired at the same time. I wasn’t planning on watching all of it; just 5 minutes while I was waiting for my toast to be finished. My toast burned but it was worth it.

    1. Me neither: I usually go do something else after 5-10 minutes but I watched the entire thing this time.