Journaling Your Goals – Catherine Joy Perkins

A million years ago, I read an ebook that I think anyone who loves journaling and planning would enjoy.

Journaling Your Goals – Catherine Joy Perkins.

But of course, I got distracted and never wrote about it.

Luckily I remember things from time to time, and then I act on it.

(Now if ONLY I could remember where I put my favorite tanktop, that’d be great. Come on, brain. Counting on you.)

DISCOVERY:  I found an ebook on Tumblr called ‘Journaling Your Goals’ by Catherine Joy Perkins. Actually, I may or may not have downloaded the Kindle iPad app specifically for this super cute book.

(and when I found out that there was SO MUCH MORE than just iBooks to my disposal I was in new book heaven).

You can buy it for $3.51 in the Amazon store here*. It’s a freaking STEAL for how cute it is. Bar-gain, I’m telling you.

SUBJECT: Using writing and journaling to be creative, have fun and achieve your goals.


It’s divided in three parts: Starting out, setting and tracking goals and journaling. Each part contains an absolute treasure chest of inspiration and fun ideas. From goal setting systems to rejection-tallies (so you’ll go out there!) to comfort boxes (with all your favorite stuff), this book is a great collection of everything we love.

KOOKINESS (1-10): It’s all pretty straight forward, in clear-cut no-nonsense writing. Only if you consider a lot of pop culture-nerd type references kooky, in which case it’s a 3.  


  • “This book is for people who are stagnating in their lives, people who are dreamers but not doers, and people who can’t get in touch with what’s most important. The book is for people who need to balance a creative approach with a methodical one in order to achieve something great.”
  • “Your primary goal, above all else, is to cross all of these goals off your list. If you were a character in a video game, your basic quest would be to fulfil all of the other little quests.”
  • “I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t try to be good at stuff that makes you feel bad.”
  • “Don’t let the expectations of others influence the time you spend on the things you think are important.”
  • “But you don’t have to wait until you have the opportunity to join in someone else’s challenge [Nanowrimo]. You can also make your own, totally self-directed, personalised one.”
  • “People gravitate towards passionate people.”
  • “Every task you accomplish is helping you become a better person. You are slowly but surely turning into [Your Name Here] 2.0.”
  • And, as William Wordsworth once said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

SHH STAMP OF APPROVAL: 100%, the book is long enough to be substantial and short enough to keep momentum up at all time, and most importantly: well-written. God, I crave more things online that are actually well-written.


  • Like me, you love journaling, goal setting, planning and other fun writing activities
  • You’re looking for a fun book to inspire your (Bullet) Journal, your planning and goals, and ultimately, your life.
  • You enjoy nerdy pop-culture references, like me.

*Affiliate link, but let’s be real Amazon affiliate/this blog does not my fortune make. 

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  1. Love to journal en om doelen te stellen. Ziet eruit als een boek voor op mijn to read list waar ik wat aan kan hebben.

    Maak er een fijne zondag van!

    1. Jaaa, serieus – ik heb de auteur nog een keer gesproken via Tumblr en ze is ook echt een schatje. Die three fiddy kun je er best tegenaan smijten voor zo’n leuk boekje, vind ik!

  2. Oooh! Thanks for sharing this–gonna go check it out. One of my goals for this year is to journal. Journaling about my goals? Yesssss. I think it might be a good way to reflect on progress and setbacks and create new solutions and ideas. I usually find that the act of handwriting things down somehow lifts mental fog. Have you noticed any benefits to your goal-getting once you started journaling about your goals?