I’m taking it Slow: The New Juicer.

When my old juicer broke it was only a matter of time before I would get a new juicer. To be honest, I thought it would be a long matter of time. At first I wasn’t craving any green juice yet, so I figured I’d just do smoothies and salads for the time being. I had rediscovered my little blender and I was doing fine as I was. Or so I thought.

After two weeks of smoothies and a worrying increase in processed foods the enormous green juice craving that could no longer be ignored. I realized needed a juicer. Not wanted, needed. So I did what all the busy people do: I got on-line and ordered myself what I needed. Two days later, the delivery man came with a huge package. If you know what I mean.

Say hello to my bulky friend: the Matstone Slowjuicer.

It’s a heavy thing but all the loose parts are small and easy to understand. I also like the green and white coloring and so far the only downside of this slowjuicer is that you have to cut everything into smaller pieces for it to fit down the cute. Other than that…I’m very impressed.

  • The juice is way less pulpy (and more delicious)
  • It takes a lot less veggies and fruits to make more juice I used to make with my centrifugal juicer
  • On that note, a lot more juice from soft fruits like blueberries and strawberries
  • And yes, you still have to clean the different parts, but the parts are smaller and easier to clean

Thanks to my lovely co-worker who supplied me with fresh wheatgrass I was able to put wheatgrass to the test: I’ve been adding wheatgrass shots to my juices. The taste is one I am not particularly fond of, but hide it well enough within a good green juice and it’s all good.Β The slow juicer came with its own set of wheatgrass seeds and trays so my own wheatgrass is sprouting as we speak.

I’m very happy I made the decision to go from centrifugal to slow. I have been juicing with a centrifugal juicer for 1,5 years and it was great, but I hope to get a lot more out of this one for a very long time. Bring on the unjuiceable herbs and wheatgrass shots: I’m ready to rock.

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  1. Looks very fancy, I wish you two an happy life together! But I have to ask you, why would you chose to juice over blend? I thought that it was less good for you, because juices don’t contain any fibres, which causes a sugerkick when you drink any fruit juices? Or is it different when you juice it yourself?

  2. Ziet er mooi uit! Ik heb pas zo’n normale sapmachine gekocht, maar zo’n slowjuicer schijnt toch beter te zijn he πŸ˜›

    Waar heb je hem gekocht? (ik ben wel benieuwd namelijk hoe duur hij was :p