Review: ‘Warm Bodies’

YOU GUYS. I promise to become a good little self help blogger anyday now, but I just really want to write about this for a second because OF THE FEELS. YOU GUYZ THE FEELS. I have to let it out.

And considering most of you suffered through my version of the 50 Shades of Grey Drinking Game so I’m pretty sure I can do this to you without any permanent damage so let’s do this.

You know how you sometimes see something out of the corner of your eye and you go like ‘huh interesting’ and then forget about it again? That’s kind of what happened with me and the movie ‘Warm Bodies’. A while back I saw this .GIF on Tumblr:


I remember thinking two things: “lol zombie” and also “hey he looks like what Nicholas Hoult would look like if he was a zombie” I really like Nicholas Hoult as an actor. Mostly because of X-Men First Class, in which he is so shy and attractive I wanted to give him a self esteem course as well as take off his pants and turn him into a beast pre-Beast if you know what I mean. Ahem. Anyway.

Then I saw this:

And before being distracted by other things I then thought “oh hey hello hot zombie coming through” and “yup definitely Nicholas Hoult”

But as is life the hours you spent being lost in the fucking abyss of pop culture and media that is Tumblr, I forgot about the fact that there apparently existed a movie where Nicholas Hoult plays an adorable zombie that doesn’t want to be creepy for some reason.

Forgetting about it for almost six months, last night I found a .GIF that explains why Hot Zombie didn’t want to be creepy anymore: (read on if you want to see a sorta spoiler)








Now let me explain you a thing.

Movie kisses are like crack to me. More often than not I will watch a movie because I know there will be an epic kiss in it.

Now on top of this, I also LOVE zombies and this Nicholas Hoult person. Who in real life has a British Accent and a Welsh middle name, by the way. SWOON.

So obviously there was no scenario possible where I didn’t become obsessed with this movie and feeling a strong compulsion to watch it. I watched it immediately this morning (seriously it was a top priority, more important than breakfast).

Some info:

  • Basic story: Apocalypse, loads of Zombies and R (Nicholas Hoult) is shuffling around while thinking he’d like to be different than just his zombie-people-eating ways. He then meets Julie, a human girl, when he and his zombie buddies are hunting for food. Because of reasons (not gonna spoil it) he saves her and starts to like her. She starts liking him too.
  • As in all movies, there is lots of ‘yay’ and lots of ‘oh shit’ moments. Throughout it’s just completely adorable and R is a very likeable character. Actually, most of the characters are likeable. Except for the Bonies.
  • The ending of the movie and the underlying message throughout are really lovely.
  • It is really funny at times. Julie has a kick-ass funny best friend and R’s inner dialogue can be borderline hysterical.
  • Anyone comparing Warm Bodies to Twilight is insane. There are literally ZERO parallels except for a supernatural thing falling in love with a human.
  • I love the tag line “What wonderful thing didn’t start out scary”
  • AND THE SOUNDTRACK. Go to Spotify right now and find the Warm Bodies Soundtrack. You will NOT regret it. Or at least go listen to M83 – Midnight City.

There is also a BOOK and by the looks of some of the quotes on-line, it is a good read. So obviously I am going to read tonight instead of sleeping. Ok that about concludes my recent zombie-love story fangirling. BYE.

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  1. I still have to watch this one. But I really like Nicholas, mainly because of Skins. So I’m sure I’ll like this too. It sounds like a good movie 🙂

  2. Hahaha.
    Ik had al wel gehoord van de film, maar hij leek me niet zo goed eigenlijk =’) misschien moet ik hem toch maar een kansje geven! ^-^