Superwoman: Your Wake Up Call.



Guys. I’d never thought I’d say this.

But I am. I am going to say it, and I am going to mean it. Ready?

Move over Jenna Marbles*. Superwoman is here.

The first video I ever watched of Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman was the ‘Girls On Their Periods’. And I don’t even like it when people talk about periods.

But she was funny and a little random and she wore the cutest top, so okay. Then I watched ‘Types of Kids At School” and I DIED when she came out in the ‘Older Sex Bomb’ costume. I mean, DAMN. And obviously I have no self-control so I watched pretty much EVERYTHING she has ever posted.

She is fucking BRILLIANT, okay? She’s an Indian-Canadian entertainer with a great sense of humor (and pretty epic dance skills, both Indian and hiphop) and a lot of love for her heritage. She is a spokesperson for young woman to get more self-esteem. She flies all over the world to speak and perform for big crowds and in schools. She entertains her 1,5 million YouTube subscribers twice a week with funny, but also inspiring videos.

She’s funny, tells it like it is and she’s not afraid to tackle important topics with her eloquence and humor, like when America’s Best Rednecks got its panties in a bunch over the gorgeous Indian-American Miss America (seriously, watch this one) and when people respond shitty to tragedies.

Plus, and this is not as important as her hilariousness and positive or educational messages, but she is BEAUTIFUL. I mean. Just. I don’t even know. also I love her style and want to fly to Canada to steal her T-shirts and sweaters. ALL OF THEM.

I digress. I didn’t write this (only) because of extreme fan-girling. I post this because of THIS:


By promoting this ‘Wake Up Call’ video I’m not saying you don’t get to have bad days, or that you don’t get to have a day off or a night of not being productive. Nothing like that.

But I stand wholeheartedly behind the general message. Wake-up call: If you want something, you got to work for it AND work harder for it than you might always want. Because you are not entitled to anything just because you say you want it.

Same for the Stay Positive video. Yes, you can have bad days where everything sucks. Life is not just walks in the parks with puppies. But often there are moments where you can make the choice of positive over negative. You choose to say something hateful when someone accidentally bumps into you or to smile and assure them it’s okay. You can be vengeful because of someone stabbing you in the back, or pay more attention to the friends you have that are faithful and supportive.

Superwoman wants you to go work for what you want and stay positive. I’m the Self Help Hipster, and I endorse this message.

(But if you don’t have work to do right now and you want to understand why I am obsessed with Superwoman? Watch Expectations vs Reality, How I Get Work Done, The Difference Between Brown and White Girls, and for a more in-depth video on why I connect with her and her message: Purpose)

*Obviously Jenna is awesome. All the love for Jenna. But Superwoman just stole my heart. Deal with it.  

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  1. I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Superwoman! MY GOD! I LOVE this woman! And thanks, as always, for the great message to. You and your blog always manage to inspire me, so thank you!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE her! It’s completely random but I loved her my father does my make-up vid, she has such a lovely relationship with her father/parents even though she’s sometimes satirical about the relationship people have with their parents.

    1. Oooooh, I love that video too – you can tell she has a great relationship with him, it’s very nice to see!

  3. Hey, ik volg haar al. Ik zag aan haar achtergrond dat ze aan de secret doet. Wat leuk de deze video post want ik heb deze nooit gezien! She’s hella funny!

  4. heb haar ook net een paar dagen geleden ontdekt! en heel veel filmpjes gekeken
    terwijl ik totaal niet veel mensen volg of op youtube zit
    geen toeval!;)