Book Review: I’ve Got This Round by Mamrie Hart!

Mamrie is my FAVORITE thing that ever came to me via YouTube. I loved her first book, and I reviewed I’ve Got this Round by Mamrie Hart, her second book, with the same excitement.

Does my hero hold up a second time?


Mamrie Hart is one of my role models, and here’s why.

One, whenever I see something of her online, whether it’s instagram pics, Instastories, Youtubes or Twitter, that bitch seems to me like she is living her best life all the time. Even at her worst (hangovers, breakups, blackouts during panels), she is doing it her way, making the best out of it. The hilarious props and the drinking help too.

Two,  Mamrie is so much more than just a pretty face. Please note: There is nothing wrong with a pretty face. There’s not even anything wrong with turning your pretty face into a business model. If you can bank on that, you go on with your bad self. But I love Mamrie because more than being pretty, she is raunchy, smart, a badass, a great writer, and hi-la-rious.

Three, she makes fun of herself all the time. Not because she hates herself, but because she loves herself.

So, kind of, everything I aspire to be.


When Mamrie Hart’s new book came out and I had the chance to read more shenanigans of my personal hero, I bought it immediately. It’s 20 euros for an ebook here* (which I find extremely expensive?!) but I pray to my god daily and it’s 18$ on there*.

*Affiliate links, but that sweet Amazon money is a mystery to me still. I wonder where it goes or if you all just hate Kindle and Amazon!  


Mamrie’s out and about after her first book, living her life, getting drunk and having the best (or worst) possible time in various settings.

A direct quote from the intro: “For a year and a half, I actively sought out the weirdest and funniest adventures I could find. (…) I’d adventure in a new city, and then my sunglasses-on, hungover self would write up the tale on the plane home, so as to not forget any details.”

Did I mention this bitch lives her best life? Because clearly, bitch is living her best life.

It’s not just shits and giggles though, Mamrie also opens up about the break-up with her boyfriend of ten years that she was dealing with during this time.


Nothing kooky to me, personally.

The only part that might be kooky to some but inspiring to me is the elated enthusiasm Mamrie has for weird things, like wrestling matches, champagne bathtubs and vintage cowboy boots. If you’re a type that only liked things ironically, this book will blow your mind — and will do you some good because fuck off with that too-cool-for-school bullshit.

I feel like we should all have fucktons of that enthusiasm for whatever we’re into and act on it.

(Ya’ll know for me it’s drag queens, British comedy and sour candy).


  • When she goes on the Backstreet Boys Cruise with Joslyn and is trying to find the hardcore BSB-fans she’s been stalking on Instagram
  • When she’s in a dive bar in Dublin with Grace Helbig with a couple of skeezebags
  • When she sneaks into a Little Miss Whatever Beauty Pageant with a friend and vodka.


  • My motto has been and always will be “fucking prove it”. It’s true. Whenever someone in my life says they want to do something, I say “Well, fucking prove it.” This can be as simple as someone saying they are going belly flop into a pool or make out with someone at a bar, to bigger things like going back to school or finally writing that movie idea they’ve told me the plot of eight hundred times. I needed to head my own advice.”


  • “Between the travel and the life changing circumstances, this book is my Eat, Pray, Love ,except it would be more accurately titled Drink, Drink, Drink.”


  • “People can talk about wresting being fake all they want, but in that moment, the fear was real. And really fun. All in all, I urge you to attend all the silly events you can. Don’t be a snob. What you might have cast off as being dumb or too lame or just straight up beneath you might be your new obsession waiting to happen.”


This might have come up before: but bitch is living her best life. So of course.

Get it. And get the first one too, if you hadn’t already. Gives context.

Cheers, see you next time!

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