How to excel: 4 Steps.

Figure out why you want to excel.

Is this area really important to you? Or is it just because other areas are shitty? Do you believe it will improve your life? Do you want acknowledgment in general? Is it a way to escape the mundane everyday life?

Whatever it is, let me tell you it’s perfectly okay. You’re allowed to want things with whatever motive. Nobody has the right to judge you for it. Not even you. So be okay with wanting to excel for your very own personal reasons.

Figure out what excelling in this area would be. 

Is it being able to run a marathon if you want to have amazing health? Or do you just want to complete an Iron Man, touch your hands flat on the ground (to start with)? And when it comes to work, does it mean being super effective in your working hours? Or the best customer ratings? Does it mean becoming Employee of the Month, getting a promotion or even starting for yurself?

Figure out what it looks like to you to excel in an area.What type of thing you’d have to have done to really know that you’ve excelled.

Make a crystal clear description of what you think you (or any other succesful person) would have to do in order to excel. 

What would you have to do to get to a point of excellence? Whether it is working extra, working out daily, becoming a stay-at-home mom, devoting more time to a relationship, studying longer hours, practice more on a musical instrument, figure out the price. Set out what amount of time and effort it would take.

A fun exercise here is jotting down what a very successful person’s week looks like! Try to make your own week look like that. 

Start doing it.

If you want to excel, you’re going to have to do things differently than you did before. Doing the same thing renders the same reslts. So start. Make an effort. Do something every day to move yourself another step forward. However small, you can always move towards excellence.

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  1. ”Doing the same thing renders the same results.”

    I’m going to tattoo this on my forehead and paint it on my walls. Or well- just keep that in mind. I think that’s what so many people fall for.

  2. “Is this area really important to you? Or is it just because other areas are shitty?”
    En toen dacht ik oh-ja-shit-dat-is-het-maar-ja 😉 Bedankt voor weer zo’n goed blogje!