How To Be A Highly Vibrational Being.

Before you assume I’ve also taken up the responsibility to teach Sex Education in my free time, don’t worry. No condoms and cucumbers in this room. When I talk about vibrations, I am talking about your energy and how you feel. The message you’re sending out into the world. It’s basically the energetic signals you send out with your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

When you’re upset, frustrated, sad, stressed out and agitated, you are operating on low vibrations and even if you disagree with me on everything I have ever said about the Law of Attraction, you cannot deny you feel bad, you think negative thoughts, you’re not on your best behavior and all you notice is how shitty your life is and how shitty you are. And that this is terribly destructive. It is a whole lot better to operate on higher levels.

When you’re blissfully happy, peaceful, relaxed, positive, loving, cheerful, curious and expectant, you are operating on high vibrations. And let me tell you something: high vibrations make things happen in your life. Things flow. The happier you are, the more shit the Law of Attraction will get done for you.

And even if you still think I’m just making stuff up when it comes to the Law of Attraction, it is once again irrefutably true that you will feel a lot better, think happy thoughts, be nice to people and that you will greatly appreciate your life and your own awesomeness.

So why not try to make sure your energy is all positive and vibrant and way up high? Let me give you the low down: Basic & Pro Tips all included.

  •  Basic Tip: You buzz best with enough sleep, plenty of exercise and healthy food. And just to make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to healthy food, I’m talking about foods that aren’t made in factories, that aren’t ‘fortified with a billion vitamins’ and that will not outlive you for hundreds of years. I’ll leave it to your own interpretation after that.
  • Pro Tip: …But if I may make a suggestion: Go with green. The cleaner and greener you eat, the more lucid and energetic you’re going to get. You will literally buzz just from your diet. Don’t just take it from me: Steve Pavlina also described when he went vegetarian, then vegan, then raw he experienced a serious increase in energy, positivity and intuition with each transition. Lots of green juice, supersmoothies, salads and such will do the trick.
  • Basic Tip: Invest in your personal relationships. When you are surrounded by people you love who love you back, by people you can feel the love from, you will feel that love in everything you do. It will rev up your vibration like a wind-up toy. Be nice to everyone. Smile, hold the door open. Surprise, spoil. Be generous, kind and considerate.
  • Pro Tip: In your life you’re going to meet people who make you buzz like you’re an electric fence. It is really, really good to surround yourself with those types of people. My darling best friend (that I’ve known for 9 years!) always makes me twice as loud and happy: whenever I’m with her, I become my best, happiest self. And whenever I’m with Lin, I feel extra connected to the Universe and all other extraordinary things in life. Find the people that ignite you, cherish them, and make spending time with them a priority. Life is too short to be down.
  • Basic Tip: Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. Think of things that you’re grateful for. Upon wakening, before going to bed. Write it down, tell people, think it to yourself whenever you can. Be one grateful cookie.
  • Pro Tip: Upon your gratitude list, do one of these worksheets. Jessica Mullen should get a statue for them, because they’re amazing. I love them, they always make me feel so happy.
  • Basic Tip: Practice mindfulness. Be where you are, right here, right now. Just last night, I decided to walk to the icecream parlor: no headphones, no phone, no distractions. As I was walking, enjoying the breeze and the evening sun, I felt very happy and clear-headed. I always get ideas in the moments where I’m really in The Now.
  • Pro Tip: Meditate. It’s the most intense way to start paying attention to your energy and your inner self. Meditation can do wonders for your energy and your mood. Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes.
  • Basic Tip: There are few things better for our happiness and self-esteem then looking in the mirror and liking what we see. So pay a little respect and attention to your outer body by throwing on a cute outfit and a dash of lipstick. Confidence can give you a nice buzz too.
  • Pro Tip: Figure out your style manifesto. What clothes suit you best? What’s your style? What outfit makes you feel like yourself more than anything else? What does your most vibrant, wonderful self wear? Lin wrote a post about this too called ‘My Uniform’, basically saying you should only buy and wear the clothes you feel spectacular in. I wholeheartedly agree. Figure out your ‘you’-style and never settle for anything less.

And that’s that, folks. Have a lovely, high-vibrational day. Kisses.


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  1. Goede post, nog betere tips! Ik merk ook altijd dat wanneer ik me fijn voel in m’n kleding, m’n dag ook beter is. En juist de balans van gezellige dingen doen met gezellige mensen, afgewisseld met een avondje alleen thuis en op tijd naar bed geeft me een goed gevoel 🙂

  2. Laf this. Vooral omdat je er basic en pro tippies bij zet.

    Ik heb afgesproken dat ik mensen met een negatieve aura ban uit mijn positieve aura. Ik ben klaar met moeite doen, en ik ben een veel leuker mens (echt!) als ik leuke/lieve/inspirerende mensen om me heen heb.

    meditatie trouwens…ikmoet dat echt nog beter leren