How Do I Handle The Amazing In My Life?!

What better time  to go over a reader’s question than on a Saturday morning: copious amounts of ginger tea under my belt, juice in my hand and a sleeping Manfred still in bed. Later in the day I hope to have Manfred’s hands under my belt in bed, but that’s a story not suitable for the Internetz. Anyway.

One of my Self Help School Students sent me an e-mail. “What do you do when you receive something in your life that is so good that you don’t feel you deserve it?”

What should you do when something falls into your lap so glorious, you immediately think to yourself that it’s too much and that you’re not worthy? It’s a question a lot of people ask themselves. Beyonce, of all people, asks herself this question.

It’s a feeling that I relate to, I consider myself pretty blessed. I’m blessed with spending a lot of time doing what I love while around people that make my happy. Things are going well with my writing – I help people and if I don’t help them, I keep them briefly entertained (or annoyed, whatever). I have a boyfriend who is cute and not clinically insane. I have a best friend who feels like she was an extra limb I had just lost for the first 22 yeas of life. Do I deserve this?

I don’t know. I hope so? Sometimes I feel like I do, other times I feel like I don’t. I think that’s natural, and I think that might be a good thing. For me personally at least, it’s great: It keeps me humble and it keeps me from taking things for granted.

Because what I always try to do is honor the things I receive. What I always do when I get something that is just amazing to me, is I make a little mental promise to myself and the thing I have just been blessed with: “Even though I don’t feel I deserve it, I will treat it to the best of my ability.”

And if that doesn’t help and I keep going over not being worthy in my head, I eventually just nip in the bud with another one to myself: “I wouldn’t have received it if I wasn’t able to treat it as it should be treated. If I’m not worthy now, I will be.”

Basically, if you practice a little humility, good will and gratitude, I’m sure that you do deserve the good that falls upon you (and that you are perhaps even receiving it so that you realize this?). Treat it to the best of your ability and always remember to say ‘thank you’, and I’m thinking you’re going to be alright.

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  1. Thank you for being so honest (and awesome!). I actually feel very blessed that I found your website, because it has really helped me big time!

  2. Thank you so much for this much needed lesson on handling the amazing in my life! A lot of honoring will be done around here, as I feel that more and more good is coming my way every single day.

  3. Thank you for this wise lesson. I should write down the things you say to yourself, because I think it could help me as well. Most of the time I feel like that as well: Did I deserve this? and answer that with something negative! New approach is needed, haha 🙂