Helpers To Create Your Ideal Future.

How to create your ideal future? A clear, pure and positive future in which you can thrive and feel joy?

Well, lots of work, focus and determination of course and some very specific achievements, catering to each and everyone’s individual needs.

However, I can’t really write your business plans or get your medical degrees for you, so instead I’m offering you some helpers that may help you design your perfect future, and getting you a few steps closer!

1. Make lists of what you would definitely like to see in your future. Get a sheet of paper or a notebook and write down the things you want in your future. All the things you want in your life. Maybe a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, or even 20 years from now. These lists can include things like an awesome husband or wife, adorable children, a dog, a certain bank account balance, a certain house, type of activities, certain contacts, certain places you like to visit often, the luxurious you’d love to afford, stuff like that. Anything you want. Just list it up.

2. Vision Boards! As always, this is an excellent way to think about what you want in your ideal future and bring it one step closer to you. So make visionboards. Cut out cute pictures from magazines, print them from Tumblr or WeHeartIt, draw and doodle, write down power phrases and goals and just go to town on that white sheet of paper, creating your ideal future on paper. (Pro Tip: Tuck it away for a year or two and be amazed how much will have come true. Crazy.) 

2. Write little stories. On paper, describe an ideal day in your ideal future and the things you would do on those days. For instance, mine is a 3-day period: First day is taking a yoga class in the morning and using the rest of the day to write while drinking juice and eating salads. Second day is teaching workshops on subjects that I love, third day is doing a whole lot of yoga, catching up with inspirational people, visiting a fun place or doing something adventurous or spiritual.

We all create our own stories by living them. Sometimes by creating the narrative first, you can create your ideal future.

3. Visualize. Like the story above, except this time you don’t write it down, you just imagine as vividly as you can how your ideal day in your ideal future would be. Visualize from getting out of bed to going back to sleep, how that day from your perfect future would be. Not just what you would do, but what you would wear, how you would feel, what things you’d say. Imagine it to the tiniest detail and just soak up the image.

4. Make it a meditation exercise. You could do this by recording the visualization described above as you do it: walking yourself through an ideal day in your ideal future. Once you’ve recorded it, you can replay it and listen to it before you go to bed or whenever you meditate. Once you get over how weird your own voice sounds (trust me, you will eventually), it’s a nice technique!

5. Incorporate the ideal future in your present. There are elements of your ideal future that you could integrate into your day, right now. They may be the simple things, but if you can, you must. Because when it comes to this sort of stuff, nothing work like experience: Even the tiniest details are already setting your brain up for the potential perfect future. The more it can already see in real life, the easier it is to believe the perfect future will be yours.

If you work in details of how to create your ideal future into your daily life, you’ll eventually end up at your ideal days.

For example, although I don’t have the time to write all day every day, I can spend some time of my day writing. Also, I already do as much yoga as I can and I already drink my Yogi tea, green juices and superfood smoothies. Incorporate an element or two in your day: pull things from your ideal future into your present, so they can eventually fully express themselves in your future.

That’s it for today, folks. Kisses!

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  1. This is always one of my favourite self-help practices. Thanks for posting – I used yours as a guide to visualize myself through the early morning.