Hat Spaht: Rose Garden Pernis.


I was invited to this VIP-dinner. I decided to write a hot spot review for you guys.

You’re welcome.


On my way to my very important dinner with very important people. VIP. You know how it is.


My drivers. They’re alright.


We’re here! God, the ambiance is just amazing, don’t you think? And we’re not even inside yet!


Our regular table. We have people who hook us up.

(We called the restaurant and made a reservation.)


High end modern art.

DSC_0406A fish tank.


(Heavy) drinking.


There was food there before.

DSC_0338I decided to catch up with my recent mentions in the media while the common folk talked amongst themselves. Nobody there was as famous as I am anyway, so might as well do some reading.


Appetizers! The first was shrimp, the second was beef.

DSC_0389Crazy fan harassing me. My date took the opportunity to practice his comedy routines. I’m not impressed.


Crazy fan moves in for the kill. My date watches in amusement. The bastard.


I swear, these people.

DSC_0381It’s like:

DSC_0396Don’t you care that I’m trying to write a serious review here?

DSC_0409Time for a bathroom selfie!

DSC_0419There is always room for dessert.

DSC_0437Doing some serious networking with all the very important people after dinner. Date is getting restless.

Don’t tell him I told you this, but I think he can’t keep up with the big words. Hashtag Trophy Husband.

Anyway, you can find the Rose Garden on the G.A. Soetemanweg 83 in Pernis. Tell them I sent you and it will mean absolutely nothing to them.


DSC_0363“Come here! You have to make me look bored and spoiled with the right light settings!”

….What I was ACTUALLY doing, was having dinner with my family for my grandfather’s 83rd birthday.

I know this Chinese Restaurant looks tacky, but the food is great and the owners are absolute sweethearts. Big thank you to them, to my awesome family for putting up with me and special shout out to my sister-in-law who took a lot of these pictures. Ok bye!

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  1. Ik las dit terwijl “Ich Bin Wie Du” van Marianne Weber opstond en nu moet ik zo hard lachen dat ik geloof dat de Jäger van gisteren mijn neus uit komt.

    Ik was overigens al maanden op zoek naar een minder vies woord voor “Hot Spot”. Hat Spaht. Het is briljant.

  2. HAHAHA ik had je dit nog helemaal niet verteld maar ik heb dus keihard hardop zitten lachen. (Vooral al bij de foto van de gedekte tafel.)

    Ik ben blij dat het eten heel erg lekker was. Je foto’s zijn uh-ma-zing, en ik kan niet wachten tot je volgende Hat Spaht-review.

    Oh en die foto van jou met LINDA is heel tof!