Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

by Aline Bouma

No, you are not dead. You’re not having a stroke. You didn’t overdose on mushrooms (or maybe you did, I can’t judge anyone’s Sunday morning activities).

This is actually happening: The Self Help Hipster is HERE!!!!

And I’m here to get you up to speed on 2018, since I so blatantly neglected my website all year, and maybe talk a little bit about 2019. Let’s go!


Job I am still a student counselor and I love my job.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I hate it. Because sometimes there is nothing I can do to help someone, because I am frustrated that someone is stubborn and stupid, because the world is an awful and unfair place. And because I passionately hate meetings. It’s where productivity goes to die.

But I never hate the principal of my job: Working with students and trying to help them. And I learn about myself and other people every day. In some situations I turn out to be the absolute worst match with a student and for all my good intentions I end up being horribly unhelpful. Not all my cases are success stories. But I always try to take responsibility and right my wrongs. And sometimes I am not the problem, which is also great.

Book As for my other career, my debut book was published on October 5th. It’s been so lovely to see all the positive reviews and people enjoying it so much. I’ve been on the radio (Radio1, Radio Rijnmond, BNR), talked with writer & blogger Jelmer de Boer in his podcast, the book has been mentioned in magazines (Happinez, Viva, Profielen, AD) and I’m really proud and happy. It is still absolutely crazy to me MY BOOK IS IN BOOKSTORES. WHAT.

There was this moment during my book party where I was signing copies and I had this split-second out-of-body experience where I realised: “Oh my god. This is really happening. I managed to fulfil the biggest wish I had. I have wanted this since I was a kid. And now I’m literally sitting here signing a book that I wrote.” So then I had a miniature breakdown over the weight of that moment so people brought me more drinks and I managed to pull myself together.

This might have been the actual moment, because my friend Rein is comforting me here.

My book is doing..okay-ish. I think. The reviews are great, especially on GoodReads, but I’m not entirely in the know in terms of sales, I must confess. A second print was announced within a month of the launch, but I don’t know exactly how far along we are with the new print and a lot of people have been reading the ebook version.

When people ask me I tell them it’s a cute book that is doing pretty okay in bookstores, but nothing major (unfortunately). So if you want to aid the cause, buy my book here!

But hey, something to strive for for the next one? Because I do want to write another one. I have an idea on it but I gotta find more time, man! That’s the goal for the upcoming months: Find the time to write.

(Also, sorry the book is in Dutch! Hopefully one day I’ll be translated and sold internationally! #agirlcandream)

Aline Bouma

Home life

Nothing interesting to report here, really.

The Vinster 2018 was the year Vin and I lived together, spent a lot of time together and spent some time talking about our future. The apartment we live in is great, with its spaciousness as well as its perfect location for work, but we see ourselves moving eventually. We bought a GINORMOUS new bed that is so comfortable I go to bed even earlier now, Vin bought a giant new television where you can literally count the pores on Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s head when you watch Rampage (which is AWESOME by the way, go watch it.)

Baby Beyonce

Beyonce Beyonce is still one of the reasons my life is so lovely. She’s either adorably cuddly or hysterically energetic during the day, and she sleeps in between Vincent’s legs before she comes to cuddle with me in the morning. I know it’s a weird thing to say, but having cats has made me a nicer, warmer person. To take care of something and be responsible for a little animal that can only give you some love in return has made me more compassionate. And nothing relaxes me more is when Beyonce falls asleep on my lap.

Kyra I may talk about her less, but Kyra is my queen from now until forever. Kyra, Vincent’s cat, still lovely and long-suffering from Beyonce’s enthusiasm, has been as chill and affectionate as usual.

My favourite thing about Kyra is that when I’ve been writing in my office for a while, she’ll come into my office meowing and wanting me to follow her to the couch for some cuddle time. She’s not a lap cat, but she is very affectionate.

Honourable 2018 Mentions

  • It was a good drag queen year: I went to see Aja, Sasha and Alaska this year. Also became obsessed with Licka Lolly.
  • I turned 30! I didn’t throw a birthday party but Susannah took me to Beluga so trust me, we partied.
  • My friend Rocher graduated! I got to have dinner with him and his family, and I gave him an awesome Hugo Boss fountain pen for his graduation gift.
  • I went to see my favourite rapper of all time: 6lack. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.
  • Passed my first wine course With Distinction. This year Susannah and I are doing WSET Level 2 to become even more know-it-all knowledgable.
  • Spent SO many nights going to bed early with a book. Like, truly. I went for the record, this year.
  • Was obsessed with cannolis, ricotta and lasagne for a while.
  • I got the Snoop Dogg recipe book for Christmas!
I have Susannah to thank for my Beluga experience, the wine course AND THE SNOOP DOGG RECIPE BOOK. I MEAN.


Oh man, I don’t even know where to start with all the awesome shit I want to do this year.

I want to write like a maniac, so I gotta schedule my life accordingly, in terms of fun there is the 2019 skitrip, the wine course, the weekend to London to go see Katya, a vacation or city trip here and there.

But first and foremost, in 2019 I intend to just do whatever I feel like because it’s been good to me the past two years.

You coming?

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  1. Hahaha, die inleiding! Ik had inderdaad even een “zie ik dit nu goed???”-momentje toen er zowaar een post van jou op Feedly voorbij kwam. Wat goed om weer wat van je te lezen, en fijn dat 2018 zo’n goed jaar voor je was! Also: gefeliciteerd met het realiseren van je droom! Ik heb je boek verslonden. 🙂 ik kijk nu al uit naar een eventuele tweede.